Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Broken Heart

I feel as though my heart was broken today. I know this will not make sense unless you have been threw this....

I always thought I had an awesome doctor until my visit before last.
I went to see him about getting off Lyrica because of my weight gain. He politely told me I was "fat" (my words not his) before I started the Lyrica and that the meds were not the cause. I wanted to get off them because of the swelling it causes. I left there crying and pretty upset.

So why did I go back today? I had made another appointment to get off the Lyrica ( I was not crazy) and to talk to him about me being tested for ME/CFS. I have at least 70% of the symptoms and my life someday is almost unbearable because of it. Jim went with me because I wanted and needed his support. Jim sees me suffer daily with this disease....Jim has also been helping me do research and I wanted him to hear what my doctor had to say. My memory is not all that great and I didn't want to miss anything in telling him what my doctor said.

I started tell my doctor why I was there today and the look on his face as soon as I started talking said it all. It was a smug look (Jim said he didn't see it) He asked me why I had gotten off of Lyrica before and then back on. I told him because of my swelling and got back on because it helps my pain. I did lower my dosage to 1/2 at the time. At the time I mentioned Savella and he knew nothing of it (drug they use for Fibro) he blew that off. Told me he would look into it but I am sure he didn't because when I asked him about it he was very evasive, no real answer. I asked him about it today and he said he knew nothing about it. Well that just lets me know he lied to me back then.

When I asked him about ME/CFS he didn't know what ME was. Jim had to show him the word because it is hard to say. Well then he kinda smiles and told us that it was something to do with swelling of the brain tissue and that I don't have that. Again, he doesn't know what it is. Was he even willing to check it out? NO!! He basically told me he couldn't do anything else for me and that i needed to find another doctor. NOT A PROBLEM!! I had exhausted what he knew to help me with. BULL CRAP, HE IS JUST TO LAZY TO DO ANY RESEARCH AND ONLY WANTS TO DO EASY CASES!!! I felt so let down!!! Feel let down. This is a doctor that helped me fight to get my disability!
On my last visit he was frustrated about having to work so many hours and not getting anymore pay. Actually venting to me, his patient!! Complaining about everything, he was in a bad mood!

I know he is not a speciality doctor but I thought he was a caring doctor......

I will find me the perfect doctor!!!!


  1. Dear Lynn-Marie,

    It can be tough when someone we depend on lets us down. If it's any comfort, I'm sure you're not alone with your doctor story. If he's a general practice doc, he probably is overworked. And maybe paid less well than in previous years. Docs don't make what they used to... But that's no excuse for treating you so poorly. Everyone deserves respect. You pay your hard-earned money, you should get at least that, plus their attention during your office visit. I don't know about you being able to find the "perfect doctor," but I at least hope you find a better one. Sending you good thoughts.

  2. Hi. Sorry to hear of your horrid experience with the doc - not good at all.

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    Very best wishes, Steve