Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am going to do words for the whole word FIBROMYALGIA. I know there is a name for what I am doing but for the life of me cannot think of it. Anyone wanna let me know what it is????

Well today was an ok day for the most part. By that I mean my pain was about a 7 out of 10 for most of the day. Got up went to church, of course I was about 15 minutes late. I was so glad Jim went before me to do set-up. I had to sit for some of the songs, legs just did not like the pressure of standing. My arm hurt to even hold my bullitin. I made it through...
We went to lunch with the paster, his wife, Jaimie and some others from our church family. Wasn't that hungry, just not feeling mexican lately....sorry Jim! ;(

OK so this is not going to be as long as I want tonight, cannot keep my head up and my eyes have a mind of their own. It amazes me how my head can get so heavy so fast. I mean, if you were to say here is a million dollars if you can keep your head up and your eyes open, it is yours!! Well I would not getting that money....pure and utter fatique. Thank goodness for spell check because I am so messing up words and falling asleep with my finger on a key....

Anyway, after lunch we came home and proceeded to work on the dryer which is not drying!! Jim decided to pull the dryer out and snake the dryer vent.....guess what he came back with??? About a 14 inch high X 7 inch wide pile of lint!! He kept moving the snake around and it just kept coming. He checked this because my dryer has been blowing lint back out from the back too. (make sense) Soooo to make a long story even longer, the dryer is all put back and I will be testing it out tonight but we don't think it is going to dry?? It also wasn't heating very well earlier. I am going to be calling someone to come out and look at....more money we don't have! :(
I am also calling the people that did our new roof to come out and make sure they didn't block the vent on our roof. Plus I have found several roofing nails on our back deck and a piece of shingle in a tree. The roof was done a couple of months ago at least. Please pray everything is ok!!!

So anyway, I was busy helping him, didn't get to lay down like my body was saying to do....didn't get around to taking my meds until 2 hours to late. I was ready to scream and bite someone's head off I hurt so bad. Remember earlier I said my pain was a 7 out of 10, well then it was about a 10 out of 100!!! I was so tired too!! We had a church dinner tonight to celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSAY..THE KIRK!!! I really didn't want to miss this but was actually thinking about staying home!! I hate always missing things!! I missed a New Years dinner because I hurt so bad and was so tired!! I go to the beach to visit my parents and never see any of my friends because I am so tired and hurt so bad. I will call them and make plans, then the last minute have to cancel..............
I also don't like scheduling things to do during the day until after 12:00. Some days, most days I have no life. I wake up and if lucky out of bed by 11:00. I shoot for 10 or earlier but my body says NO!! My legs, hips, feet , shoulders and neck also say NO!!! I have to fight against that word NO everyday 24/7!! I cannot let it win, I will NOT let it win!! I mean some days I so wish I had a job and then think.....what would I do if I fell alseep and mess up something? I can't remember didly squat!! I can't stand or sit for very long with out moving because I hurt! Now keep in mind even with the meds I take, I still hurt on a scale usually a 7 out of 10, can you imagine me if I didn't have pain pills to take???

OK I am gonna stop rambling now and go to bed...really not feeling to well right now...stomach problems.

Sorry for any mispelled words, can't get my spell check to work...

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