Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not going to let this thing beat me!!!

Why does my pain and fatigue have to interfere with my fun??? Today has been a very relaxing day....Jim and I ventured out for lunch and to the grocery store. On the way to lunch my energy was zapped from me. I was in a good mood but my pain and tiredness was for front in my mind, does that make sense? We had a fun conversation but I was having to focus part of the time on not falling asleep. When we were walking into the rest. my legs felt like dead weight....I just hurt from head to toe. I wanted to be out with my husband, he does so much for me and gives up so much...

Made it thru the grocery store and home...

Once we got home I had this really fun kinda family time idea...let's take Maggie for a walk in the cold...Kyle had come home and was going to go with us. Something he never does so I was excited. Nothing like slipping as you walk. It was fun holding Jim's hand....:) Well, a quarter of the way into the walk I realized I had not taken my meds. I didn't think I was going to make it up the first hill and we had another big one to go. Jim asked if I needed to turn around and I was determined to make it. I felt like I was carrying 100 extra pounds. ( not my extra fat but like a back pack or something) The pain in my legs and feet was unreal. My shoulders and neck are making me feel hips are on fire. In spite of all that, this has been a great day with Jim.

My body has been having some major twitches, they seem to be getting stronger and more often..

I also need to say that I am slowly cutting out my Lyrica. I have gone from 150mg, to 75mg and am now on 50mg. I can tell a BIG difference. Lyrica REALLY does work for my pain, I just cannot stand the swelling or the weight game! I know that Lyrica is not the only reason for my weight gain but I have to find something that doesn't contribute!!!

We cooked tri tip on the grill and veggies in the oven...awesome.

Now we are sitting here in front of the fire and Jim is singing to Bon Jovi...yes, I can imagine what you are thinking right now if you know him.
I am sitting her trying not to nod off...I am very relaxed!! My knees are on fire as well as my hips but I am enjoying this......

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