Thursday, December 31, 2009

I hope and pray that 2010 is a better year for me and Jim. I mean we had a great year for the 2 of us. We are very close and I still say he is my soul mate...I truly believe the good LORD put him in my life!!! God new that I could not get thru these really rough years without him.
I am always telling him that I am sorry our life has taken the turns that it has, he didn't sign up for all this crap.....but God new I would need him :)
I could go on and on about how wonderful he don't get me wrong, he can make me madder than anyone else can, aggravate me to no ends, but I love him with every ounce of my being!!
That is why I feel so bad when we cannot do things because I am in so much pain. We had plans tonight to bring in the new year with friends. That is not happening...I went out for a couple hours and all of a sudden my body crashed on me. I went to the bank and grocery store ( I don't know how I made it thru the store. I felt like I had the worst flu ever and my body was crashing) The drive home took everything I had. Came in the house, set the bags down, layed on the couch, Jim covered me up and I slept like a baby!!
I am in soooo much pain and to top it off, my throat is killing me.....what a way to bring in the new year, huh? I am so sorry Jim....I love you!!!

With all the crap we deal with, we have each other!!

It really makes me so mad!!! Why even bother making plans??/ I never know how I am going to feel from moment to is not fair to Jim!! Jim is so loving and patient with me. I am so sorry.

Right now my feet feel as though every bone is them is broken, my hips are burning, my body feels as though it weighs a ton. ( not from being fat either, that is another subject) I have not energy...... I am getting all my complaining out before the new year starts..haha. I am not saying I won't complain in 2010, just call it something else.......therapy! I usually feel better mentally after typing...

Kyle and Amber are on there way back home and should be back by 11:30...yea!!
Oops gotta go, we are going to watch a movie.

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