Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why does family have to be so stressful??? Why is that family can hurt you to the core because they don't want to understand how bad you are hurting over something? They want to try and tell you that something is not as it seems when actually it is exactly how you see it!!! Why is it that family will try and defend another family member because they don't want to upset that person, when actually you are hurting inside!! I don't mean to sound like they should take sides but when one person does wrong to the other, the person who was done wrong to, should not have to always suck it up and act like it didn't happen just to always keep peace. Eventually that person wants to quit coming around because they are tired of trying to keep the peace and be the better person. The really sad part is that I was so excited for my parents......and I don't really need the extra stress!! Stress is one of the biggest factors in my fibro flaring up. I hate to stay away....
The icing on the cake for me has to do with a Christmas card, a cd and the lack of respect for my husband and me. I know why some families don't talk for years. Some family members should grow cahoona's (sp) can be so oblivious or just really not care what they do!! It is a shame too because when it is all said and done, family is all you have. I mean real family not outsiders so to speak!!!
I have way to much stress in my life right now and so do not need more. I probably should not vent on here but this is my page and I need to to vent!!! I have been keeping so much in lately and will continue to do so but this I needed to say. I know everyone has family issue's but when you are really hurting it is no fun!!!
Like I said, stress really hurts me in soooo many ways!!!!!


  1. Dear Lynn,

    It is very hard when one is suffering but others cannot see. Throughout history, human beings have struggled to understand those things that are not visible to the eye. When people around us either minimize our pain, or deny it exists, it cuts us to the core because it feels like they do not believe us. This break of trust is very hard for our hearts.

    I have found that you cannot force people to understand and must accept at some point that they might never understand. Then you have to surround yourself mostly with those who do understand. And those people you should treasure and give your attention & love.

    I wish thee Peace for the New Year and less pain for you. I hope with time your family will understand. Take care.

    Lady Sharon
    Knights of the Pain Table

  2. I do not think I can add anything more to what Lady Sharon expressed - only that I know what you are going through and how insensitive family members can be. Stress is an enormous precusor with my Fibro as well and I know that the lack of validation and support from family is frustrating and hurtful.

    Wishing you a happy and less stressful new year. Take care.

  3. we understand a lot more then we did a week ago and will spend more time listen and less thing of us only. love should help to heal but some time people can not see what is going on and need to be told