Monday, December 21, 2009

Why is it the more you want to lose weight, the more you eat??? I have got to break this cycle or I will be as big as a house pretty soon!!!
My real problem is I need to be more active, exercise!! I have been being busier than normal. Not staying in bed all day, doing errands, being on my feet. This does not count as exercise though, does it?? My mind wants to do about an hour of exercise every day but my body says, heck no way!!! I have got to find a way to get the 2 things on the same path. The swelling from Lyrica doesn't help either!!!
I know alot right now is also do from stress!! I honestly don't know how much more stress my body can is wearing me down fast. Looking at me from the outside, I look like I am doing fine, have it all together and on the inside I am a total mess!!! I cry at the drop of a hat!!! I am getting really good at faking it to the outside world....:(

On a good note, Jim and I are going to my parents house for Christmas. I cannot wait, this is the first time in 5 years....yea! I love my parents, I am so blessed! It is going to be a great time!!!

Last night was a bad night of sleeping. My legs and hips would not let me get comfortable. I am sitting here typing and the whole time, my hips are on fire and hurt!!! My arms feel like they want to fall off.....but alas...I will suck it up and go do what I have to do!! Which is, what I don't remember!!!

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  1. Lynn-Marie....loved your above comments..all too familiar... with any one of us.
    My doctor has suggested swimming as a good excercise but I cannot tolerate the cold water. So I am walking a mile a day...would like to think I could do more now that my work hours have been drastically cut. I also try to get into reading my Bible systematically now matter how I feel....Actually if I would be waiting to do something until I felt good I would never do a thing. When I first had pain systems I thought if I don't excert myself I would have less pain...But that is not I might as well get on my boots and walk. Better to be in shape with pain than out of shape and in pain...The pain is constant. So I consider my walking time is also my prayer time....There are plenty of folks who need prayer. So my walking has two dimentions.
    & I like it....hope this helps someone...Blessings Kristin