Monday, December 14, 2009

I am thinking about making an appointment with my doctor to see about changing and upping my pain medication. Right now I take my meds twice a day, in the morning and around 4 pm. The past couple of weeks my pain has been really bad at bed time. So bad that it has made it hard for me to sleep. My feet, my calves and my hips, it makes me want to cry and throw things!!! On the other side, I want to come off my pain meds because of the side effect of constipation!! Or as I like to think of it, Hell! Daily I want to come off the meds but my pain will not allow me, it hurts to bad! My constipation is as bad as my pain. I never thought I would talk so openly about this but it is so much a part of my life and that is what my blog is about!!! I can't bend over sometimes, I am fat enough without having to add/keep all this.

My mood is so effected by all my pain lately........

I did do some yard work yesterday that I was so happy about. I raked leaves in the rain!!! I needed to get rid of some stress and that did it, Raked wet leaves, cleaned out my flower beds, filled bird feeders. Don't want the birds to go hungry :). I am going to make a bird feeder today out of an orange, sticks and string. I hope it turns out but then again I don't think the birds will mind what it looks like,,,,:)

When will my quilt go away? Will it ever go away? I have wrote before about how my fibro has put such a strain on us financially. My quilt over what this has done to my husband eats me up somedays!!! My husband is the most wonderful man in the world and he didn't sign up for this. He is such a great provider and my not working is not fair to him!! I have said this before, I am going to try and work part time in the new year. I wonder if I can find a job that will allow me to work from 12:00 - 4:00? I am going to see if Comfort Keepers has anything. Any ideas????

I am going to the gym today!!! I am so looking forward to this!!! It always makes me feel better.

I complain but I am soooo blessed in my life. I have an AWESOME husband, beautiful daughter, step son with a heart of gold, the BEST parents in the world, GREAT brothers. Sue and Mike are the BEST inlaws in the world!! My sister in law, Kris is the sister I never had but always wanted. (I love you, girl) Michael, you became my brother the day we met. My friends are the best in the world....How many people can say the are still close to their friends from middle school? I can!!!!

Everything else is just stuff that is stressing us out!!! We are going to be taking some steps this week that will hopefully help with our stress.....please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We have struggled with this and pray we are making the right choice!!

I love you with all my heart!!!!

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  1. Dear Lynne Marie, I know what you mean about the pain meds. It's hard NOT to take them when you're in pain, but equally hard on your body to take them. Some of the natural fiber laxatives help with that unwanted side effect you mentioned. You're welcomed to view the caregiver video on my website if that helps to show your hubby how much you appreciate him and help to keep the lines of communication open. Blessing to you both. Have a great holiday, Cinda Crawford