Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My husband is such an amazing man!! He so loves me and supports me in everything I do. To have that kind of support is priceless!! I have had some very emotional days and was so tired (still am) but a weight has been lifted off my heart and chest. Well actually just my chest because my heart still hurts and will take a while to heal!! Family can really mess with you.....do people apologize because they really mean it, or do they apologize to get you to be quite?? Do people apologize and really know why they are apologizing?? How do you know if someone is truly sorry??? I guess that would be where trust comes in....

Had a really good walk with Melissa today and all the dogs. We went to Battleground park and walked the trials through the woods...such good therapy It was nice and cold too!!!! Maggie was so excited , she kept wanting to play with the wiener dogs. It is so funny to watch this big boxer try to "box" the little dogs. They love to play with Maggie.....I need to get Maggie a real sweater to wear. I made her one out of an old piece of fabric but it is starting to fall apart. Bless her heart, she wears it and just keeps on going. I really need to walk her like that more ofter. We walked for about and hour and let me tell you, I got an upper body work out!! She is sooo strong!! Of course we are all laying on the bed now. I feel like every bone in my foot is broken....

I am so thankful to who ever invented the crockpot!! Supper is ready....:)

I am also looking forward to March 6th at 2:00....we are going to the Carolina Theatre to see Menopause the Musical! A bunch of fun ladies out for a good laugh. I will be well rested for that, not taken any chances.

I have a doctors appointment next week. My pain meds either have to be raised to a higher dosage or I want to switch. I am checking into Tramadol instead of the Lyrica. I am taking my meds twice a day and that used to be ok but now when I go to bed I am in so much pain......alot of times I will get busy doing something because the thought of laying down just does not sit well with me. Moving actually helps the pain in my legs. I mean the pain can be unbearable but moving is better than laying there and feeling it. My legs, feet and hips are so bad lately.
I get so sick of seeing the Lyrica commercials. They make it look like you can take one pill and all will be ok. BULL CRAP.....I am going to be writing them a letter. Won't do any good but will make me feel better...haha. There is so much more to fibro than most people know about!!

Wow, it is going to be cold....freezing rains for tonight, maybe!!! The low's for this weekend is going to be in the teens...time for some nice fires!!! Gotta bring some wood into the garage before the rain.

I am so looking forward to 2010...it is going to be a good year. I just keep remembering "Life is Hard, GOD is Good"!!!!!

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