Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good days vs Bad days

This past weekend was a pretty good weekend for me, YEA!! It was kinda sad though....It was our bike weekend and I didn't ride the bike down with my husband. This is the first year I did not ride down, me and my friend Melissa drove down a couple days early. That part was nice because I got to get a few extra days of sun and got to spend some one on one girl time. I can ride the bike for short distances but on anything over 30/45 minutes I fall asleep and I start to really hurt. This breaks my heart because this is one thing that Jim and I love to do together. Our first so called date was on the Harley....we have many happy memories on the bike!!!!

Jim and I have had some pretty tough financial times since this thing called fibromyalgia decided to take over my body. We have had to give up alot and several times he has said he would sale the Harley and I have ALWAYS said NO!! Being able to get on the bike and just ride, there is no way to explain what it does for the soul!! Plus my husband looks so freaking sexy on the bike and in his leathers!! :) Being able to ride the Harley is the best therapy!!! The feeling of the wind and the sun...being able to hold onto my husband. Having him reach down and rub my leg or just wrap his arm around my leg in a possessive way....I may not be able to ride long distances but I can still ride!!!!

I don't care what any doctors say....the weather does make a difference to a person with fibro!!! This past weekend the sun was shining and it was nice and warm, I was feeling pretty good. I woke up extra early ( 5ish) so I could take my meds and that way when everyone else was waking up I would be able to get around. The afternoons I would get tired and want to take a nap, a couple of days my neck, shoulders and feet hurt but I was able to get thru it! The really cool part is.......my IBS was not a problem!!!!! In fact my stomach was wonderful and I was very regular!!!!!! The best it has been in over a year!! ( of course since I have been back home, it is out of whack again)

Got home and the weather on Monday was cloudy and rainy. I felt like crap! I hurt, I wanted to stay in bed ALL day!! It took me all day to just the simplest things......

We need to retire to the beach :)


  1. Glad you had a good time!!!!!!

  2. I am so happy for you! I agree........the Harley's should definitely not go! Glad you had fun and felt good...even if it was for a little while.