Monday, May 24, 2010

stressful couple weeks

Anyone that knows anything about fibro knows that stress plays a huge part in how we feel. Well I think I have handled the past week and a half pretty darn well. My mother had hip replacement surgery and I have spent almost a week in Charleston helping my dad and then came back home for a couple days then drove to the beach to help my dad and be with my mom also. Right now my mom is in rehab and working on gaining her strength back. She has had some intestinal problems and that has really caused her some problems. I am going back again this week because I have some other concerns that I am talking to the head nurse about and want to have a conversation with her doctor. They are trying to tell me that it is because she is in the hosp, recovery, blah, blah....I know my mom and I know there is something different. Until I am satisfied with the answers I get, I will not let it drop. I want my mom to be as good as new!!

My body has has been fighting against me the whole time and I won't give in. At least I am trying my best. My legs have been hurting more than usual and my hips are starting to worry me. They wake me up at night when ever I role over on them. It used to be just the right one and now it is both. I am going to see about getting cortisone shots......Just touching them makes me scream....I can't get comfortable when I am sitting for any length of time. I am always moving. My leg pain on a scale of 1 - 10 right now is about a 14 and my hips are about a 15. I am laying here and the slightest move shoots pain!!!!

I have been trying to get into see a skin doctor for over 3 months arms have got what looks like acne all over is not your typical bumps you see on the tops of peoples arms. It started out as just a few and now it is all over my arms, tops and bottoms, all around!! It is now spreading to my chest appointment is not until July but I keep calling to see if they have any cancellations. When I go to the beach this week I am going to try and get into the skin doctor my daughter has been to. I have got to get someone to look at this!!!! I hate for anyone to touch my skin, it is gross and very ugly!!! My skin feels like a brillo pad!!!! I have switched soaps trying to see if that is what it is...??????

Time for bed, can't keep my eyes open...:)

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