Monday, May 10, 2010

What did I eat???

I am going to weigh less than my goal weight if my stomach problems continue like this....

For about a week or so my stomach has been feeling pretty good!!! Yea, I had almost forgot what that felt like!! I mean as far as my IBS goes, it has gotten a little better. I have really been increasing the amount of fiber I eat. Plus I am taking fiber tabs daily and using Miralax 2 times daily. (trust me, you can put this in water and you really cannot tell it is in there. ) I was putting it in juice but don't need/want the extra calories.

I am back to my stomach hurting and being all bloated!!! I have eaten something within the past week that is just killing me!! The bad part is, it could be something from several days ago and just catching up to me or something from today. But then that would mean it is several things because it has been hurting everyday for about a week. I do know that I am going to stop eating broccoli with a veggie dip, kraft barb q sauce....that is the only thing I can think of that has been really different. I did have maybe 2 bites of KFC fried chicken a week ago today. I just had to taste it but as soon as I started eating it I knew I would regret it!! But that was a week ago. I really think today is from the barb q sauce! I feel as though someone has taken a bike pump and "pumped" me up!! It is no fun and it hurts and it is going no where. I am so tired and really need to walk but so don't want to!! But I know I need would probably help!!!

I find it interesting how my stomach is really bothering me and I am feeling like poopoo!! I am tired, my legs are hurting, my feet hurt....let's put it this way...I don't want to do yard work!!!

That should tell you how bad I am feeling. I love doing yard work, it is my way of distressing and I just love making things look pretty. I always want to do yard work, even if it is just sweeping off the sidewalk....not today though..

Jim and I got to watch a beautiful red cardinal take a bath yesterday while the sprinkler was was GOD at work....we hated when it left...

Just tried eating supper and didn't eat very much because I just don't want to eat alot....I feel like I am about 7 months was really good though. Jim really liked it which makes me very happy!! He ate a whole plate.......The only good thing is that with me losing 16/17 pounds it helps me not feel as bad as I did with the bloating as I did when the weight was on me. Does that makes sense??? I really want to lose 9 more pounds before we go to Puerto Rico in June. My goal is to loose a total of 15 more pounds!! I know it is going to be hard but I really want to do it!!! What does help is having Jim's support..:)
I am going to be walking 3 miles in the morning, at least I hope I can and will be!!! That would be a great start to my day, help my stomach and get me going....Fibro can and does rule my days!!! I hate to make plans because I hate to brake them.

The past week my mornings have been so fibro mornings!! Waking up to every nerve in my body hurting...I hate to move!! It is like I wake up but it takes me about 2/3 hours to actually become functional. I had about 2 weeks that were pretty good and them BAM!! I HAVE THIS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, THERE IS NO CURE!! I WILL BE IN PAIN FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE....I MAY HAVE A FEW GOOD DAYS AND MANY BAD DAYS!! MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED FOREVER...

Tonight my husband made a comment about how I don't like to have fun like I used too, another thing that fibro has taken from me. I don't like ice cold hands on me, my body really doesn't like cold..:( He really wasn't meaning to be ugly, he was playing around but it did hurt)

I am in alot of pain and have pretty much done much of nothing today...with all this said, please say a prayer for my mom. This Wednesday my mom is going into MUSC in Charleston SC for hip replacement surgery. My mother has a few medical problems and I know that everything will be ok but I still would like to know everyone is praying for her. Can never have to any angels....My wish is that my mom will have this surgery and be able to walk without pain!!
I complain about pain and how I am feeling and my mom hardly ever complains. I wish I could be more like wish is for her to be pain free!!! I love my mom!!!!!

Ok I have rambled again and am now done....

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  1. Oh no........back to the IBS crap....You never know what does it. At least you can lose weight (I'm not making light of how it happens to you). I will say a lot of prayers for your mom! I think any surgery is scary..I will pray that she walks without pain. God Bless her!!