Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the esland

People think I am kidding when I say I want to sale everything and move to the beach somewhere with Jim. It has to be a beach in the Caribbean though or the keys....somewhere where it is sunny and warm year round!!!

Right now it is cloudy and dreary outside and I am inside feeling like crap!! I didn't sleep well last night and I have not slept well in about a week. I have no energy, my stomach is hurting for the first time in weeks, and I hurt!!! I have a headache...so what am I going to do???? I am going to make myself get up! Somehow....if I can quit falling asleep :(

You can't tell me I am not strong......try living in my shoes for a month!! Try getting out of bed and living my life when when you don't want to get up....that takes real strength!!!!!

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  1. Sweetie, I'm so sorry.......severe pain has kind of kept me out of the loop. I hate that you're in pain. I'm so glad you're mother is doing better but it will be a process. Rehab can't be fun.

    The clouds and the rain play havoc with our system. Isn't it weird that we can be at the beach (humidity) but doesn't bother us at all.

    Take care and take your meds and just rest. Hopefully this will pass quickly. If not, we are all here if you want to vent!