Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I waste so much of my day just trying to get going!! I wake up and feel worse than when I went to bed....my body feels as though it has been through the ringer!!! I am not being lazy!!! It is not just a matter of...get up, get going!!! I wish it was that easy!!!!
What really makes me mad and actually sick to my stomach is I have so much to do today!! I have to get going and I am still laying here. My body is a dead weight!!!!
People don't see this part of my life.....

When I get back from Charleston I am getting back to a early bedtime. I have been going to bed later and of course I am not sleeping well so the 2 together are not good for me. I wake several times a night either because my stomach is bothering me, my hips are hurting me, my shoulders are hurting or I am just awake....O the joys of fibro!!! Usually when Jim wakes in the morning I am awake enough to stay awake and talk to him. The past week I can't even lift my head when he gets up.....

OK so enough of that......I am setting a goal here to lose 9 pounds in a month!! I don't honestly think I will do it but I am going to try!!!!! I know how hard it will be and am willing to try!!!!! Wish me luck...:)
Just fell asleep for a few minutes....

It is raining, so much for walking outside today!! I have to go to the Y!!!! I have not been the best about that lately because...walking outside is much more fun!!! I am taking my hand weights with me to the hotel and my workout tape ...I have the best intentions!!!

I am going to try and take on my day...I am taking my laptop with me so I will be blogging while my mom is in the hospital. PLEASE INCLUDE MY MOM IN YOUR PRAYERS...AND MY DAD TOO!

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  1. Your mom, your dad and you are all in my prayers. I do so hope the surgery for your mother is all that she is hoping. My father needs a hip replacement, but keeps putting it off. A dear friend in Alabama just had a complete knee replacement and she is doing remarkably well. She has such drive and fortitude (wait, I need to go look those words up in the dictionary!). She is a marvel. I hope your mom does just as well as Sandra! You take care of yourself while you are taking care of her! Remember to pace yourself.