Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since my post yesterday I have spoken to my dad and I will be going to the beach to help with my mom. She really doesn't need my help with much but I want to be there to support her and my dad. I want to make sure my dad is taking care of himself...:) I am going to do some cleaning and make sure all her plants are watered! I have promised everyone that I will take my time getting there and that if I can't do it, I won't!!!

The rehab place that my mom is staying at is very nice and my mom likes it there...very sunny and open...

I have also promised that I will not work so much that I pay for it when I get home! I know my limitations...I know my dad worries about my health and for that I love him even more, if that is even possible!!

I hate having fibro!!!! Before I got sick I could have gone home at anytime, cleaned the entire house from top to bottom and still gone out to dinner with friends. Now I have to pray that when I wake up I can move! I hate that the disease rules my life!!! And has robbed me of so much....yet in a strange way it has given me so much.

Please keep me in your prayers....I want to be able to do so much for my parents, they are the best :) and I love them!

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  1. Good for you!!!!!!! Glad you're going home!!