Friday, May 14, 2010


All I have to really say is drink lots of is so hard to keep a normal schedule when your mom is in the hospital and I have been trying but doing a lousy job of it! I am going to walk on the tread mill though as soon as I am done typing this!!

Eating right is such a huge deal for me and I have really been wanting to do just that but again being out of town, mom in the hospital, staying in a hotel it is harder than I thought. Why, STRESS is the #1 reason!!!! But my mom is doing ok and will be able to walk soon with no pain so it will be all worth it!! So what am I complaining about???

I just hate that I feel like crap!!!! But I am not saying anything to my parents, that is what I have my blog vent!!! OOPS, except I know my dad will read this one day.....I love you daddy and would do anything in the world for you and mom!!!!

Well gotta go get ready, I want to see my mom....:)


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  1. I am so glad she's doing well! I'm also very glad for you! You sound like you're doing wonderful...working out....weights.......losing weight......GOOD FOR YOU!