Monday, April 26, 2010

feeling the pressure - type A personality

First let me say...anyone that says that the weather does not play a part in how we feel is full of crap...( wait, that's me, hahaha) anyway, yesterday morning the weather was yucky and I felt it!!! Really bad 1/2 of my day!!!

I am feeling the pressure and hate that I am still this way...what am I talking about?? My type A personality!!

I am going out of town tomorrow for the rest of the week for our bike week at the beach...for those that don't know me what I mean it is Harley week not a bicycle week. My dear friends have a beach house at Emerald Isle and me and one other friend are going down 1 day early to get things ready. In a way that sucks because I won't be riding the bike down with my husband....this will be the first! The last time we rode down I kept falling asleep and the thought of me falling off while he is going at fast rate of speed is not something I want to do!! In a way this will be good because me and Melissa can carry everything down, get the house ready and have a night to just relax....:) I WILL BE RIDING ONCE WE ARE AT THE BEACH!

Back to the stressed part....I have 1 day to get sooooo much done before I leave. clean the house, wash clothes, pack my stuff and Jim's, work in the yard, work on my to do list......I feel so tense....I know I should not be blogging but I gave myself until 9:00 to get this done and then I am off to ironing....not a day to let my pain get in the way. I thank you GOD for this morning not being like yesterday morning and afternoon. If it was I would be crying my eyes out and getting NOTHING done!

This morning I was talking to my husband about how fibro makes your body feel...every nerve in your body hurts! I never knew my feet and calves could hurt so bad... It is always fun being out of town with friends and having them see me get up every morning, especially if it is a BAD morning!! Of course I will be at the beach which means I will hopefully have some good days.

Well it is 9:00 gotta go start my day.....of course I say all this and if I get 1 thing done then I am doing good. That is where the stress part really comes in.....having all this stuff I want to get done and knowing that I won't get even a small portion of it done! That is the wonderful world of fibro and cfs!!! I could be fine right now and in 10 minutes laying down because I can't even walk across my bedroom....the story of my life!

But....I am going to enjoy the beach!!! I can just lay there and soak up the sun...:)


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time. I know you will!!!!!! REALX and enjoy it!!!!!!!


  2. Don't you just love that we stress the heck out of ourselves so we can go relax! And then, of course,we are stressed when we get back because we have all this laundry to do, plus catch up on what we didn't get done while we were relaxing, and wishing we had another week to recuperate from the "relaxing"! Ah, to be the Type Quadruple A -- with Fibro. Not a good match. No, not a good match at all.

    But, Lynn-Marie, you have a wonderful, wonderful time at the beach!! And when you get back give yourself permission to take time with the laundry, etc. It will all be there tomorrow and all we can do is all we can do. Take care of yourself! And, enjoy the beach!