Tuesday, April 6, 2010

pain meds???/

OK so this morning I was not going to take my pain meds but have changed my mind! I am hurting and just not feeling so hot. I wonder though how much of the not feeling hot is from not taking the pain meds? I mean my pain is very very real but the feeling funky is that the lack of pain meds or the firbo? If I take my pain meds in the morning and then not in the afternoon, I don't get that funky feeling. So I don't think it is the lack of pain meds, just the fibro attacking ALL my nerve endings because that is what is bothering me!! Make any sense? Well to me it does......I am also really trying to work on my IBS and I know that my pain meds only make it worse so I am working on putting everything into my body to counteract the meds.....something has to give!!!! Anyone have some super rich fiber idea's for me....?????
My stomach is like one giant gas bubble right now......so much pain!!!

I so wish I had my get up and go back.....I keep saying that I could deal with my pain if I just had the energy back...I got up this morning with Jim about 7;30, ate a few pieces of delicious watermelon (thank you sooooo much Sue) I mean it is the best I have had in years!!! Checked email, even ironed some of Jim's shirts and now I am so freakin worn out!! My arms are even tired and just the thought of walking is wearing me out.....I have so much I want to get done...I want to cry!! I know, you read this and think.....just leave it! It is easier said than done for me. I have given up / changed so much of how I used to be when it comes to cleaning but when my house "feels" dirty to me, I just can't stand it!!! I go to bed at night with the big intentions, my to do list and then the next day comes and BOOM, my body has it's own plans....
I WILL GET MY BEDROOM CLEANED TODAY AND THE SMALL PILE OF IRONING WILL BE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do want to spend and hour laying out in the back yard today also......the good part is...THAT I CAN DO!!!! ( my poor neighbors)

Jim and I went for a walk last night, it was a really really nice walk.....looking forward to many more! The night time walks are so relaxing and I love that we are going to make them longer than we normally walk...ANYONE WANT A 3 YEAR OLD BOXER DOG??? She is beautiful, lovable, great with people.........

Well, I think my meds have started to kick in so I am going to try this day thing all over again!!!
I might blog again tonight, really want to talk about some deep thinking thoughts I have been having.....

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