Monday, April 5, 2010

Rambling Thoughts

I have just spent the past 30 minutes reading other peoples blogs.....and have decided that mine is just blog!!
My blog does not have fancy pictures all over it, cool sayings....just my rambling thoughts. (actually, I don't know how to do that kinda stuff...haha) but if I did I still don't think I would have it. I just want to say what is on my mind. By writing, it helps keep me sane most days and is just a great way for me to get my anger, frustrations, sadness, and all the good things I have to say out!!!!!

This weekend had it's ups and downs. Friday was a copperhead snake day in my back yard. Yes....imagine me and a copper head snake having it out...I had a was so funny! I could have used the shovel I had next to the rake but O no, not my first thought! Anyway the really funny part is, I wrangled it up and got it under a flowerpot. I wasn't going to kill it, that was Jim's job. It is under the flowerpot with firewood stacked all around it and on top of it! I did not want it getting out!! Jim was my hero of course and killed it! Of course it was not a big snake but to me a snake is a snake and that means of course there are bigger snakes around. And I am always digging in the dirt and moving I will be a little more careful.
Of course I also did way more than I should have done in the yard but the weather is so nice and there is soooooo much to be done. IT KILLS ME THAT I HAVE TO PACE MYSELF!! Doing just a few things causes me to flare and puts me down for the count!! It really ticks me off!!! (that's being nice)

Saturday was another busy day doing some yard work, Jim and I kept passing each other through out the much for spending the afternoon together. When he was cutting grass, I had to go somewhere to meet Michelle and then I came home and he had to leave, that kinda day. Like I said, I did get some planting done though...thank you so much hunny for being an awesome hole digger!!! I know you hate yard work....I love you even more for helping me!! P.S. we have ALOT more to do...:) :) :)
But the really nice part of Saturday was that we did something we have not done in forever....went out for dinner after 7:00 pm...YES, we went out after dark!!! We sat outside and split a meal, enjoyed a nice conversation. I think next time, might even come home and try a glass of wine on the back deck???? Just 1 glass though!!!!
Jim got me a beach chair...yea!!! I can lay out in my backyard and get me some sun!!!! Talk about relaxing...OYEA BABY!!!

Sunday had a really rough start for me...I had not been to church in a couple of weeks and was really looking forward to going. I had even picked out my clothes the day before and was so excited. But my fibro and IBS had other plans for me. I have been really trying to loose weight and so far have lost, as of this morning at 7:40 a.m. a total of 14 pounds!!! Of course as soon as I get up and eat that will change. Anyway those of you that have severe IBS will understand when I say it had been over a week for me and I wanted to sceam!!! SO I DID!! My loving and wonderful husband went to church and I told him to save me a seat. I had to find something to wear that did not involve elastic but would be comfortable! Yea, right!!! My body was fighting me in every way possible too!! Why high pain today???? I just wanted to feel good and celebrate Easter and all it stands for! Anyway, I ramble....I made it to church.....a beautiful young lady by the name of Jessica Stegall made my day!! Just by saying a few kind words to me and caring enough to tell me....I am so proud to know you Jessica and love you girl!!
I love my church family, they are such a special group of people and have been so supportive to Jim and I! This has been a year from HELL I think is safe to say and not once has anyone NOT been supportive of us! Been there for us when needed!! Our Pastor Craig Childs is truly a rock for us with his prayers and support!!
We came home and did a few things in the yard again, well I did. I had 3 plants left and wanted to get them in the ground. So many more plants to go.....can't wait to get some from my mom in about a month. Until then will be buying pits and pieces here and there trying to fill in all the empty space.....:) I so love my yard work and it is one of the biggest things I miss doing! I mean I still trudge along and do what I can but it woops my butt and causes me to flare so quick! I hate having to stop. I have so many ideas. I see how I want my yard to be and just can't get it that way.....
We had some very nice people stop by yesterday for a deer meat pick up and it turned out to be a nice couple of hours. Always enjoy good company and good conversation......
Last night we had my awesome in laws and our very dear friends, the Julians over for hamburgers and company. It was great. At first I was dreading it to be honest. I have to explain that.....I wanted everyone here but I had over done it trying to get things done, my back was on fire, I was having a flare, and all I wanted to do was lay down but couldn't!! I wanted the company, I was looking forward to seeing everyone just should have stopped sooner!! I know, I know......of course, once I sat down and my meds kicked in, all was better! My awesome husband picked up the messy kitchen for me!! Thank you sooooo much, I loved that!!!!

Well, it is now Monday morning and I actually have a pretty busy week ahead of me. Well for me it is busy....3 bladder treatments, MRI's, physical therapy and a HAIR CUT AND COLOR!!!!!!! Yea, I am so happy for that!!!!
I am going to be working on getting back into the Y...having my back problems and being sick with the flu and a bad flare up really got me out of whack. I am really trying to build my energy back up.....not push myself to hard to fast but want get back into moving!!! Hoping to start walking every night!!! Great for the butt and thighs...:)


  1. I love your blog! 14! It's just a sucky way to lose it. My son-in-law (almost) has severe IBS and it's so sad when he has a flare up. He has to watch everything!I've spent the last few days paying for my night out and the depression is back............

    Your positive attitude helps!

  2. Babe, I am glad you have choosen to have that attitude about the blog. When i set this up for you it was ment to be a place where you could share you struggles and joy with others who either have the Invisible Disease, and those who are close to you but are not able to see youevery day. The blog is ment to give insight into what its like to live with this devistating disease.
    As far as this weekend goes it was a good one, although i think we have enough holes already for a few weeks it motorcycle time.
    As said yesterday God told me he would give me a beautiful bride on the inside and scared on the outside, i asked him to give me the scars and leave you beautiful, he granted me my wish so now i have a beautiful wife on the inside and out.

    Love you

  3. I think you have a lovely blog. You are so lucky to have such great supporting people with you. We are all here to share our stories and support each other. I do not have the energy to have a fancy blog myself. I am just fortunate to know a great group of writers whom have helped me grow with my writing. Take care and hope you have more good days to come.

    ((hugs)) Teia