Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TODAY IS NATIONAL FIBROMYALGIA AWARENESS DAY!!!! I wish I could get this out to everyone......
Yesterday was a very crappy day....close to a day from hell for me. Sunday started it for me, I spent the afternoon on the couch trying not to throw up, trying not to move because I hurt so bad!! It just went down hill from there. Yesterday I woke up and prayed I would make it thru the day. I think it was about 4:00 when I was finally able to get off the bed and take a shower.
I felt like dying is the best way to put it.......I think I cried more yesterday than I have in along time. I had a commitment that I was 3 days late on doing and couldn't wait another day so I went to do it. Dad, I am going to say this part and please don't fuss at me.....I left the house and started driving and found myself calling Jim crying very hard, I did not remember how to get to his office! I totally panicked!!! Once I called him and remembered which way to go I was fine!
I had just been in such a fog all day and hurting.....I was able to get my job done and go eat supper with Jim and Kyle. I felt somewhat better. Jim won me a red teddy bear out of one of those machines that has the big hook. I was so happy!!!
Came home and laid back down...I finished Alexx's graduation announcements and will be mailed today. I gotta get stamps before the go up another 2 cents!!!
Yesterday was just a really bad day....pain, tiredness, feeling quizzy, foggy. Tried not taking my sleeping pill last night, about 1:30 I couldn't take it any more! I am falling asleep while typing this. I woke up with Jim about 7:30ish. I feel alot better and am actually going to get out and do a few errands. I am going to take a 30 minute nap first!!!!!! THANK YOU JIM FOR MAKING ME LAUGH LAST NIGHT!!!
I am so excited, tomorrow we leave for a 5 day bike trip to the outer banks. I am also terrified!! I don't want to hold Jim back. I am afraid I will hurt and not want to get on the bike, afraid I will be to tired, how am I going to feel after I get off the bike??? My friends know I have fibro but how understanding will they really be? How patient will they be??? I so want to have a great time...this is very important for Jim and he does soooo much for me! Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.....


  1. You will do great tomorrow. If we have to stop we have to stop, there is no time table other then the departure.

    Love ya

  2. I read today's blog and have to say I am amazed by your spunk. I don't know that I would have the determination to push through each day. You are a hero in my eyes and heart.
    Love Mom Sue

  3. Just know that we can't know what you are feeling but that we are here for you and love you!!!!