Thursday, May 21, 2009

It happened again this morning when I woke left hand was freezing cold and my arm was kinda numb. My legs hurt just to move the littlest bit!! When my feet hit the ground I felt like my legs where made of concrete and they just cracked into a thousand pieces!!! I tried rolling over this morning to kiss Jim goodbye and it took everything I had to move. I felt like a dead weight and I have not been taking any sleeping pills. Yea to that, 1 week no sleeping pills and I have been sleeping!!
My hand part is really weird, it just gets cold through out the day. My hands and arms have been hurting so much lately.
I went and ordered Alexx's graduation present yesterday, I am so excited!! I hope she likes it.......I am also getting my engagement ring a 1/2 size bigger. My knuckles have gotten so big!!! I have man looking hands!!!!
I can't wait to wear it and not worry about it getting stuck or hurting. I love my ring!!!
Back to Alexx's graduation, I can't believe it is almost here! Just make sure I have a full box of Kleenex that day!!!!
I missed my water class yesterday but I went swimming any way. It felt so good, I swam 8 laps! For me that is is a wide pool and 1 lap is there and back. I just keep thinking about how it helps my shoulders and my legs. I am going to make tomorrows class and swim laps too!!!
I so want to loose this weight!!!!! I am back to journaling what I eat.
I can do this!!!!!!!!!!

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