Monday, May 4, 2009

This morning was a pretty bad one trying to get body was hurting about a 2000 on a scale of 1-10! Now I am about a 300.....What made it worse was the fact that I couldn't move, my body....imagine the flu feelings multiplied by 1000!!! MY BODY JUST HURTS AND WEIGHS A TON!! I'm having tummy problems again...I had a few good weeks and soooo enjoyed them!!
I am thinking about getting off Lyrica again, the swelling is just so bad I don't think it is worth it. My fingers hurt every day and the swelling doesn't help! My ankles and feet look like porky pigs feet.
I have got to get my eating under control....WHY CAN'T I DO IT?? I wish I could get back on the pills I was taking when I first moved to the beach many years ago.....I wish I could find a doctor around here that prescribes them.......I should ask my doctor out of curiosity?????
I am going to have a house full this mom, dad, brother, sister in law and nephew will be here on Wednesday till Monday. Gotta get my house clean and I am going to ask Jim for help with the carpet and some yard work. I so don't want to stress over this but the house needs to be cleaned and I have been putting it off!
A very busy week!!! Have another bead party this Saturday and have got to find time to build up our inventory. We really went thru alot this past Saturday and are way low. I love being creative!
My fingers hurt....ok I am whining!
Gotta get going....water aerobics, clean Ms. Virginia's house, go visit Ms. Virginia at the therapeutic place she is staying (can't remember name of place) go to AC MOORE for more beading supplies, come home take shower, go bowling at 6:00 with Sue and Mike, come home and do a little bit of cleaning(maybe 1 room)......anyone want to come and help???? I just want to get thru this week!!!!!
My legs are about a 10, I know the water is going to feel wonderful. My fingers are so stiff and swollen the thought of putting on a ring is just painful!
Pray for me that I find the energy to get everything done!!!

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