Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good morning,

I think today is going to be a good day! I am up and moving around...I have actually done a few things already!!!! Laundry, let Maggie out and am now going to go hang a bullitin board in Alexx's room.
I think the reason I am up and going is because I know I have an appointment with the poopy doctor today. I am nervous. I actually cancelled an app. a couple of months ago because I was nervous....I know I will be glad once I go!!!
I am so glad I crawled down the stairs this morning and took my medicine legs felt like....I don't know how to describe lets just say VERY bad pain!! I can actually walk now. I just have to stay legs still hurt but this is manageable for now.
My right wrist is killing me....not sure what I did!
I went to the pool yesterday, walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then came home and worked on the mess in front of my dining room window. Jim pulled the bushes out and I am now getting it ready for other bushes or plants. Not in a real hurry......just want to keep it neat.
The water felt so good legs just plain ol hurt. I couldn't swim without a noodle! My energy was just not there....I am so glad that I worked thru it!!! I am looking forward to tomorrows water class and getting back on the tread mill!!
If I could just stay awake!!! I keep falling asleep while typing this...I am getting to be where I can fall asleep anywhere, even standing up. I am going to call my doctor about a medicine I heard of that might help??????
My arms are burning and my lower arms are hurting so I'm going to go......

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