Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Had a great time with my daughetr this weekend!!
Saturday I was able to go to an estate sale with Michele. We were looking for jewelry and got a few cool pieces. I got a REALLY cool watch for $2.00 and I love it!! Took Alexx to get her hair cut....went to memaw and papa's house for some great conversation and fun! We played a fun board game....(who done it) Love spending time with Sue and Mike.
The cool part is that my pain level that day allowed me to do everything. My pain level was about a 5, which for me is good! My left knee is really giving me a bad time!! Actually it is my whole left side! My tiredness is still there in a big way! We were eating lunch and I couldn't stay awake! I mean could not stay awake!! I kept closing my eyes, my speech was slurred! Alexx said I looked high.....I could not drive!!!
Sunday was a great day at church, great message!!! I had a tough time in the morning with my body! Just couldn't move to fast......
After church, Alexx and I went shopping for some clothes....really wants to change herself, how she dresses. I think she got some really nice things. LOVE HER PURSE!!!!!!
Went bowling with the youth. Had a blast!! Check out my pictures on the KIRK website and my facebook later.
I gotta get going this morning /afternoon!! I am still not taking any sleeping pills and am sleeping pretty good! I am still not doing so well in the mornings though. My body just doesn't want to wake up....
Here is to a very busy week!!! Prey that I have the energy to get through it!! The pain I work through....I am trying to not let it stop me....hahaha, I am trying to be positive...the pain really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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