Monday, November 29, 2010

the face of fibromyalgia

I cannot believe I am posting these pictures of me but this is what I look like when I have been hurting all day....not very nice is it??? Yes, I am smiling in one of the pictures because I don't like looking so mean/mad!
Not the picture of me with my husband of course, just wanted you to see the difference....


  1. Lynn, you look like 40 miles of bad road. When we think that Fibro (or living hell) is a disease of the nervous system, looking as bad on the outside as we do on bad days, imagine what we feel on the inside.
    It's just too much effort to smile, brush our teeth, do hair or make-up, dress ourselves, or be around friends or family.
    The irony is that we need to do these things.
    They give our lives structure, and structure is very important to a Fibro patient.
    Our lives have become not the adventure we deserve, but an endurance test.
    I feel like Malynne in Steel Magnolias, at the post-burial scene. I just want to hit something until it hurts like I do. We all need a Clairee...and a Juaezah!
    On bad days, I need a tee-shirt that says, "I hear voices, and they're saying they don't like you".
    I get so angry at what this terrible plague has done to so many formerly vivatious, funny, lovely people...mostly women.
    I'm glad that Steve finally got my computer set up so that I can respond to your posts.
    I worry about you when you don't post.
    You're so lucky to have Jim.
    Have you tried a waterbed?
    The moist heat seems to help me a lot.
    I tried a magnet mattress, but it didn't help me any that I could tell.
    Hang in there, Sunshine!

  2. okay, if you can do it so can I. I do have makeup on so I'm going to wait until the morning. Here we go........the faces of Fibro. Bravo!!!!!!!!

  3. People really just have no idea unless they've gone through it. This makes a great point that we may look normal, but indeed we are not. You look gorgeous despite all that pain!! Hang in there!