Monday, November 8, 2010

The power of positive thinking!!!!

Just thought I would post some pictures that make me smile....the first one is of my hubby doing yard work. This makes me smile because he really doesn't like yard work but does it because he LOVES ME SOOOOO MUCH!!!! :)

The 2nd picture is of my stepson the day we got married, fooling around with some bows he wanted to put on the car.

The 3rd pictur is of my daughter and Jim. This one makes me smile because Alexx REALLY LOVES her step dad!!

The 4th picture is of me and my friends enjoying some of them is what I call my bestest buddy

5th picture makes me smile because my daughter is happy and smiling!!

Last picture I am just happy that my husband supports me wanting to do a 5k. I am not able to run them like I used to but on an ok/good day I can walk it. On a really good day I can even jog for a min now and then. My husband is my biggest supporter and without him I couldn't do it!!!

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