Wednesday, November 3, 2010

weather change

Well I knew it was going to happen no matter how hard I wished for it to stay away. The cold weather! It is here.....and my body is feeling it! The past couple of days have been hard for me to get going and I have been starting my days later and later. I really don't like that. My body is all out of sink. I have been going to bed about
11:30 but not going to sleep until about 1:30 and I have got to stop!!
I know better......winter is the worst time for my fibro and the one time of the year I must take care of myself and force myself to be on a schedule. This is not to say that I can let myself go the rest of the year by no means. Anyone that has fibro must take extra care of themselves I am an example of that. What I mean is........over a year and a half ago I started to gain weight from taking lyrica, I stopped excercising, I stopped walking, I could not get out of bed, my energy level was very low. Actually I had all those symptoms for over 4 years (minus the lyrica) what I am saying is I let myself go and gained 25 pounds and on my short body that is not good!!!! So, with the fibro beating me down having the extra 25 pounds on me only made it worse!!
Last winter my IBS was at an all time bad and again add with that the 25 pounds and then picture how I felt....not good!! There were days I scared myself and Jim....:(
So what I am getting to with all this rambling is, I cannot let these long, cold winter days bring me down!! I have got to get into a better routine and make myself stick to it!
I know alot of people say tanning beds are bad but I am going to be going to one this winter. I will not be going all the time. Just once in awhile. The warmth does make me feel good and when I am feeling really bad or starting to feel bad, 20 minutes in a tanning bed can change my whole day. And my mood.....and my husband is happy when I am in a good mood.
So, with all that being said I am now going to get my butt up and force myself to go to the Y and do some form of movement for 30 minutes....;)


  1. Good for you sweetie! I am really fearful of the cold weather this year. I'm walking and working out but not losing any weight. It sucks but I'm still going. Today I had to take a pain pill to get there...........

  2. Sounds like a plan!! I tend to get out more in cold weather than in hot and humid weather. Heat and humidity make me feel faint. In cold weather I can always put on more clothes to stay warm!