Monday, November 8, 2010

Leaves ( from Jim )

Hunting Season

Ok I know a few of you may be totally against hunting thing, but please bear with me (no pun intended).

I really enjoy this time of year for a few reasons, one is its hunting season and it’s also the most time I get to spend away from my normal life all year long. I get to sit in the woods and see nature at its best and worst. I was in the woods this morning doing what I normally do which is pray for a deer to come my way, well that lasted about 2 minutes until my mind went to my wife and all that she suffers though with this horrific disease. And as I watch the woods come to life this morning I saw something that I have never truly noticed, well maybe I had but not in this way. We live in the city and we see fall come and go and we see the leaves on the ground and see the chore that it is to keep them clean. But here is my question, have you ever heard a leaf fall, you know just a single leaf falling from 30ft up in the air to the ground? Do they make a noise? Most would say no it is just a leaf it is light and it floats to the ground softly landing. Well it doesn’t it is like fibromyalgia is in my wife’s body it is loud it hits things on the way down causing more and more noise a leaf falling will make so much noise you would think an animal was heading your way. Walk on leaves and you will hear them crackle during the day time but walk on them at night or the wee hours of the morning and it will sound like fireworks going off.

So back to my thoughts this morning, I wonder if normal people actually understand that the nerves in the fibro person are so intense and the pain is loud that its like having leaves falling and then being trampled on, constantly making noise for the brain to try to interpret and being trampled on each time a muscle is moved. Are the medications really doing anything to help other then acting like water on the fallen leaves, making them slippery? They are still there and when the water evaporates the leaves go back to crackling and the pain returns. Us normal people seem to be lucky as when the leaves fall we still have a clear path to walk on and the ability to not hear the leaves hitting the ground. I prayed for my wife today when I was in the woods and a gust of wind came up and it was raining leaves making so much noise an elephant could have snuck up on me, I prayed that maybe today the leaves would fall a little softer, and I prayed that for at least a day let no one trample on the ones that have fallen and that there would be a clear path to travel on for todays journey, and to all of Lynns fibro friends I say that prayer for you also………


  1. What a beautiful post, Jim. Thank you for the insight. My mother has fibro and it is hard to understand such a disease. Your writing and analogy of fibro makes it MUCH easier to understand... Lynn is a very lucky and loved woman to have such a supportive man... :)

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  3. Jim,
    That was a testament of your understanding of your wife's disease. As a sufferer of Fibro I couldn't have said it any better.
    Would love for my husband to put his thoughts on paper...he used to write poetry so I'm sure it would be an interesting read. Maybe I'll suggest he get his feelings out about my illness without giving him direction.
    He helps me out so much.
    Well, job well done Jim.