Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Letting go

Last week started out to be pretty bad. I mean not just pain level wise but with just plain old stress. Hum, but then again my pain level is based alot on my stress level and of course the weather. Anyway, I was really unsure of how my thanksgiving was going to go and I can honestly say it was better than I thought.
Other than having a shadow that I really didn't want...all was good.
My mother is an awesome cook and I so love eating her food especially her stuffing....which I think I ate 6 cups of....:)and at least a whole fruit pie!!! Can we say YMCA!!!!

Well I feel it, do you? CHRISTMAS????? It's coming and I am ready for it this year :) Last year was a really, really bad year and I honestly didn't know how I would make it through but by the grace of God and with my loving husbands help, I DID!!!! So this year I really want to enjoy Christmas....I want to decorate the house and actually bake something! That part is scary I know...hahaha
Don't have alot of money for presents but can still do alot of kissing under the mistletoe...:) watch out baby! I want to play Christmas music while I am cleaning and in my car...I might even sing along. I know another scary thought...:)

Well we are back from my parents house and I can honestly say I am in a full flare!!! My legs/feet are off the charts and the rest of my body I can honestly say feels like I have the flu. I just want to lay here and do nothing and the only with that is....wait, there is no problem with that! I can just lay here and that's what I am going to do!!!

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