Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a little humor to lighten the day

A note from Gizzy

Hello everyone I am Lynn’s cat, she named me Gizzy about 7 years ago when she found me in the rain sitting on her porch and she and Alexx took me in. She is married to a guy name Jim who is a Dog lover but I am breaking him down, he now allows me to sleep on him when he is laying on the coach but that is our secret.
I am sure by now you are wondering why I am writing a post. The reason is I have some major complaints and I want someone to fix it, and fix her. Lynn may rule the roost but I am the queen of the castle and some things have been bothering me the last few days. Lynn has been laying around not feeling good. I get up in the morning and go check my bowl and there is no tuna there so I pounce up the stairs looking to see where she is and what do I find, she is hiding under the blankets. I will fix this I jump up on the bed give a big head butt and she will get moving. To my surprise she just looks at me, what no hello, no I know I know I am coming she just lays there looking at me, I know she knows I need my tuna. I will rub against her and this will get her going, she slowly reaches for me and mumbles something before she closes her eyes again and just lays there rubbing me with a few fingers. Then she stops and I see tears and she is telling me she hurts but she will beat this, she is getting up and is going to come feed me. Wait Wait Wait what is this she hasn’t moved she is just staring into space. I know I shall pounce on her chest, nope that didn’t work either so I will lay on it until she says uncle and gets up. Well I laid there for 45 minutes and she didn’t move so I will go see if food has magically appeared and guess what it hasn’t.
Well it has been 2 days and going on 3 days of this stuff she calls Fibro, what does a cat have to do to get some relief here? What do people really think when they look at Lynn when she is like this? I mean well never mind when she is like this only me and Jim get to see her. Ok it has been 3 days and Jim fed me when he got home today but he doesn’t feed me like she does she makes funny little noises and talks to me like I am a little kid, Well me and Lynn had to have a heart to heart today, I played the physcologist and just laid there listening to her, I gave her the soft purr of encouragement so she would continue telling me how her feet have been staying numb and she is having issues with feelings in her arms. She doesn’t seem to be how she normally is so I think I shall have a conversation with Jim about her and see if he can help…. OHHHH well that didn’t go well I purred and purred, and even raised my voice and meowed at him and he just looked at me like I was crazy, I am not crazy I am the queen of this castle and I will be heard, so I meander myself back up the stairs,,ahh Lynn has her computer on, so she is alive I will go talk to her about this I bounce up on the bed and she is asleep with her hand on the keyboard, she has typed this word I have no clue what it is can someone help me and explain what this word is “ ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” ? She always seems to type words like that when she is in pain and is sleeping while on her computer but sometimes it is different letter then that. Well I hear Jim down stairs he is rummaging through the cabinets; he must be looking for food, so I will go see if I can get some treats from him. So I will leave you with some parting thoughts from a cats perspective, Fibro is real come stay for awhile in our house and you may be lucky enough to see the effects it has not only on Lynn, but on Jim and family, and me. Why does it seem we are no closer to a cure? I want to tank all of you for letting me share my life on here.

After thought:
No animals where harmed or malnourished in the writing of this letter, I took liberties with the no food because I don’t like Jim feeding me; it isn’t as much fun as when Lynn feeds me. And I do get fed 2 times a day, and I would probably be ok if I did go a few days with out a meal as my doctor tells me I am a little on the heavy side.


  1. Gizzy, I feel your pain. Poor widdle one.
    This is your Aunt Claire, and I have pretty little kitties, too....lots of them. I know you feel badly when your mom feels badly, but there is no way of knowing how much she hurts.
    No amount of head bumping and kindly purring can help her.
    Doctors and nurses tell her they understand her pain, but if they really did, they'd scream and probably run out of the room.
    There is no medicine for all her pain, and no help for the deep despair she feels when she realizes that the pain will continue, and she's young enough to expect many more years of it.
    Jim needs your help and encouragement, too. He can't understand what happened to the lively, beautiful, happy lady he married just a few short years ago.
    He can't understand that you can hurt so badly that you no longer want the food you've always loved, or want to take a trip, or shop for the pretty things you've always worn so well.
    He is lonely and hurting, too, and he could do with a few head bumps for encouragement. He knows that your mommy is hurting, but he can't understand the level of her pain, either. Even those people who have lived with a Fibro patient for many years can't understand. There are not enough words to tell anyone how much you hurt or how depressing your future seems to you.
    When your mom is laying under the covers, remember that she's not being lazy or copping-out, she's a patient. She's hurting and feeling very anxious about even getting to the bathroom. The worry she feels for you and your dad make her pain worse, but she also feels guilty about not having the strength to care for you both.
    When she's in bed for a long time, she's there for a reason....she badly needs privacy and rest. Even her teeth are hurting her at these times. The light coming through a window feels like heat on a bad sunburn. It's agony, especially for a girl that grew up in a beach community and loves the sunshine.
    Try to understand, too, when she doesn't talk to you much. She's trying to communicate, but she's afraid that if she opens her mouth, all you'll hear are screams. That would scare you, and she knows this, so she grunts when she walks and hopes that no one will notice the popping sounds her joints make.
    There's not much you can do to make her feel better. That would be a medical miracle, and people would run in droves to the nearest animal shelter to adopt others of your kind. The pain she feels makes her days long, and her nights an experience from hell. I don't believe little kitties know much about hell, because none of them go there, but it's worse than anything I can tell you, and I'm pretty good with words.
    Remind your mom to take her medication, and try to not stomp around the house so much when she's 'flaring'. It could endanger your health.
    Women are a little testy when they're flaring, and even though they are weak, their aim is still pretty good. They can throw shoes and purses with the best of them. Most women who have lived through a flare usually have a few fly-swatters around the house, too, and they swat more than flies.
    Just hide under the couch until Jim gets home, and he'll make most things better. He can't be much help with mom's pain, though. He just has to suffer through it with you and your mom.
    Be a good kitty, and be there for your mom. She needs you. Pets are good friends, who demand little, and give much. Your mom is lucky to have you and your dad. She already knows this, but I thought I'd tell you, just to make sure YOU know this.

  2. I love this post! If our little loved ones could talk this is just what they would say! I know that Mr. H probably has Fibro right along with me!

  3. Haha, this is SO cute! I hate that you're feeling this way, but what a creative post! :) I hope you are feeling better from this flare soon!