Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I made it!!!!

Well I made it thru Christmas and having a house full of family...I don't have a small house but I do have a very small kitchen and a small living room. So having 8 adults all at one time.....whew!!!! I would not have wanted it any other way though...:)
My dad knew that my oldest brother and his wife were coming but my mom didn't so the surprise was wonderful. We went to Christmas Eve service and it didn't look like Steve and Claire were going to be able to make it here in time but they did!! (they drove in from Tenn) I was sooo happy to have most of my family at church with me. Next year, my daughter will be up for Christmas and that will make it perfect. This year she spent Christmas day with her boyfriend. I was kinda bummed but I also remember what is like to be young and in love....(this is my daughter's first long term relationship)
Another really great part is that my stepson, Kyle came over and spent a good bit of time with us.....he is really growing into such a young man! After church service my mother in law Sue, my father in law Mike, Jim's sister Kris, my brother in law Kent, and my nephew James came over as well. OK, now talk about a house full of people but I LOVED IT!!!
I know you are wondering, did I rest any? Did I take it easy? Did I relax? Well I kinda sorta maybe did!!! Let's just say, I think I was the perfect little hostess. There was plenty of food, hot fresh coffee, and I kept my house picked up.
To top it all off.....WE HAD A WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!!! IT SNOWED CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY....we got about 9 inches...
My sister in law has fibromyalgia so she of course kept worrying about me and telling me to sit down and relax...hahaha, that wasn't going to happen! I was going to go as long as my body would let me. I knew that I would pay for it later but I was going to enjoy it while I could and I did!!!
I was very lucky while everyone was here the only really bad pain I had was my legs and feet. My right hip is still giving me a fit, going to talk to my doctor about it on my next visit. My stomach feels like I swallowed a bag of rocks. I look as though I gained 10 and my IBS is in full swing. Of course all the sugar cookies I ate might have something to do with that...180 calories per cookie!! Can you believe that?? It has icing and sprinkles on it..major yummy!! I have eaten 4 boxes..180 x 48 = 8640 calories!!!!!!! Can we say O MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sugar is so the 1 thing my body does not need, the 1 thing that makes my body go hay wire!
Can we say...back to the gym for me!!! My goal was to be in the 120's by the end of 2010 and unless I can lose 2.5 pounds in 2 days that's not going to happen! I mean I could lose 2.5 pounds quickly but doing it the wrong way just means it will come right back and when I lose it.....I never want to see it again..hahaha
During my last doctors visit we discussed changing my pain meds after the holidays. To be honest I am somewhat nervous about changing. I mean I know that one of the pain meds I take does not help me with my IBS so getting off of that one will be nice, if it helps. Just going thru some of the withdrawals will not be fun..:(

Right now I have the house all to myself so I am going to lay here and catch a few minutes of shut eye..

O'yea and the pictures are:
1. My house....the pictures was taken last year but it pretty much looks like this now with all the snow..EXCEPT MY BEAUTIFUL TREE IN THE FRONT YARD FELL OVER THIS WEEKEND....(i am hoping to save it)
2. my dad and his friend Dutch...well he is my friend too! my dad is on the right.
3. my mom and Dutch's wife mom is on the left
4. me and my brother steve and his wife claire.....i am still in my pj's :)


  1. so glad you had a great Christmas. It being a white one was just icing on the cake!!!!!!!!
    Have an awesome New Year!!!!!!

  2. Lynn, I tried to post earlier about your latest post, but was unable to. I asked Steve to transfer it for me, but he yells too much.
    One of these days when he's yelling I'm going to throw a hand-full of jack rocks down his throat.
    Your house looks so good in the photos. It's so sad about the fire. I had no idea that bedding and sheetrock could burst into flames so quickly under the influence of a flame thrower.
    I'm sure your loving church family will be able to forgive you and Jim when you explain that my meds were about to wear off completely before we got there.
    You should have warned them that you were bringing me along, and that a candlelight vigil was NOT a good idea. Please tell the poor elderly lady who wore the blue wig that I'm really sorry, and that I'm praying that she will have no permanent scars. I hope all goes well in the Extended Intensive Care Unit. I'll send her some flowers when I get my next allottment check from the warden. Ask your pastor to speak on unconditional love in his next sermon. They all have to love us before they can go to heaven, you know.
    The food was great! It was a welcome relief from the institutional food to which I'm accustomed. I had never seen a turkey that had already been cooked fly so far. If the cranberry sauce and gravy stains don't come out of the sheetrock in your front foyer, you can try a few coats of Shields. If you mention my name at your local hardware, they might give you the group rate.
    I really liked the way your carpets looked when we got there. Perhaps Jim will take you down to Dalton, Georgia and get you something new with less food and mud packed into it.
    I hope you're not too upset about the bedroom suit in the guest room. I'm presuming it was old (God, I hope it was not an antique) by the way it ignited so quickly.
    Your garden spot was such a delight, and saved a lot of bathroom traffic. You should hope for renewed growth soon, but you'll need a privacy screen before we visit again. I think your neighbor has binoculars, and I've never seen anyone dial 911 so quickly. Does he have speed dial?
    It was so good of you to loan me your lovely BMW. You'll have to understand that I've never gone from '0' to '75' so quickly on snow, and I hope your insurance broker will soon have all the repairs made. Are you going to have the same color on the restoration?
    Steve urges you to not worry about the passenger's seat. Just let it dry and scrape it off with a butter knife, though you might want to drive with the windows down for a few months.
    Getting to meet Gizzie was a delight, and serving him with holandaise was a pure stroke of genius, don't you think? I told Steve he was possum, and he's ate that a LOT.
    You should try a more user-friendly fabric on your new living room suit. Leather stains so easily, but you had no way of knowing that before our visit. I'd go with Naugahide.
    Had you ever had that much trouble with your top loading washer before? I wanted to 'rinch out' some towels, so I put them in and lowered that round ring, pushed down on the handle, and they swirled so beautifully. I was congratulating myself on a job well done, when they went away! I had hoped that the blue in the water would make the whites 'shine'. Well, I guess we won't know until you dig up the front yard.
    I hope you're rested now, and that your 'nervous condition' has responded well to treatment. The warden told me to advise you to try a systemic program of Valium for a few days before my next visit.
    But you can't take his word for anything. He thinks I violated some sort of 'conditions of parole' by crossing state lines. I tried to tell him all about those nice signs that welcomed me to North Carolina. I'll violate HIM.

  3. Who the hell is this "Queen" - she's nutso and belongs in a "Special Place". Or maybe she is there already....