Monday, December 13, 2010

What friends are for....

Well,I said that Saturday was a great day, my whole weekend was even better!!! Sunday was of course a little sad because after church Karen and William left to go home but I have some wonderful memories to cherish!! Usually after a busy weekend, (which it really wasn't a busy weekend now that I think about it)it was a very calm, fun, relaxing weekend. We went to dinner Friday night downtown then came home and just talked in our pj's. (me and Karen were in our pj's) Saturday morning, Karen and I went to a cookie exchange / craft thingy that our church ladies were doing. I was sooooooo afraid I would not be able to be able to go because we all know how I don't do morning well at all!! Guess what, I did great!!! God was answering my prayers this weekend :)
I had taken Karen to Fresh Market the night before because I had to get cookies (yes, I know I am supposed to bake my cookies for the exchange) Anyway, we stopped by there again on our way home to get some more goodies for supper and some goodies to munch on and who did we run into but our handsome husbands..:) They decided to tag along with us so we went to lunch.
After lunch we went to get our UGLY, SHORT CHRISTMAS TREE...YES, you read right!!!! For the past couple years Jim and I have made it a point to pick out the ugly tree that no one wants, It is so funny to watch when we go because as soon as we ask them for the ugliest tree they ALWAYS know where it is. They always have it put to the side, poor tree!!!! I THINK OUR TREE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!
After we got home I had to go lay down for about an hour. I was starting to feel run down and didn't want to make it worse. I was going to make deer chili when I woke up......well my wonderful husband made it while I was sleeping!!!! It tasted delicious too, I have eaten a couple of bowls so far...:)
We decorated the tree and I actually had a glass of pomegranate wine, it was really good too!!!

Not only did Jim cook the chili that day but he also surprised me by fixing the Christmas lights on the front porch, (I love the way they look!!!!) put the mulch down for me. I still need about 20 more bags but it's a start... He even fixed the spot lights on his jeep. Of course by fixing them it takes that off his Christmas list..haha Now I am back to the drawing board for some other things to get him.

I am kinda tired today. Having a hard time getting started but over all it's not that bad considering.....but then again I would do it all over again because I loved seeing my friend Karen.

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  1. Lynn, It's good to see you smiling and having a good time with your friend.
    I enjoyed your (all too short) phone call yesterday, and I'm so glad for you that you've got a tanning bed now! You will find out that it gives a LOT of relief. When there's no cure, we treat symtomatically.
    You will also look better, and that's a morale booster.
    It's 12 degrees here this morning, and I sure can feel it, even in the house.
    Remember the story by Edgar Allen Poe called The Black Death? It was about a prince who was afraid of the plague, so he got all his closest friends and family into his castle, where they partied and played while the people outside suffered and died.
    Well, the killer got into the palace, and the party-goers began to die, also.
    It explains how bad weather (outside) can effect a fibro sufferer even they stay inside and have light and entertainment.
    The tanning bed is the closest thing to bringing the sunshine indoors. Your friend is a great help to you in providing something that will help you in your pain and sorrow.
    We should all have such great friends.
    Give Jim a hug for me, for being such a nice guy and helping get the tanning bed up the stairs and installed.
    I'm glad you called with good news. It's always good to hear you when you're up-beat, and those times are all too seldom.
    I expect to see pictures of a sun Goddess on your blog soon.