Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why can't I get to bed early??? I have so let my sleeping habits get way out of control. When I do go to bed, I watch tv, play on the computer, talk to Jim, clean the bathroom, fold clothes, everything but go to sleep. It is driving my husband nuts. It drives me nuts because I want Jim to go to sleep earlier than 1:30 in the morning. I hate it that he is so tired when he gets up for work, it does affect his whole day. I go upstairs before him and always start on tasks.....I am going to vow to work on not tasking after 11:00 pm and also getting Jim to come up stairs before 11:30. I would love it if we could both go upstairs about 10:00.
There seems to be a few hours at night where I am doing pretty ok.......About a 5 on a scales of 1-10. I feel I need to take advantage of every moment I get!!!
Good sleep is so essential!!!! For BOTH of us!!!!!!!!!!!
Woke up 1 time last night to let Maggie out. I did good though, came right back up stairs and went right back to sleep. :)
I am just waiting for my meds to kick in and then I am getting started on my busy day. I started my lower dose of Lyrica last night. I was taking 150mg twice a day, now I am only taking 75mg twice a day, I am wanting to get off the Lyrica completely. I really don't like the side effects!!! I know I need to lose weight but the swelling in my ankles, wrists, fingers and other parts has got to go!!!!
When I woke up, my legs and feet were not wanting to cooperate....I really don't like our stairs in the morning. I am getting ready to stop blogging so I can get my day going.......

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