Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I woke up this morning about 5:00 and decided I was up so why not clean. Cleaned the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned my bathroom, cleaned out "clutter" from some of my drawers. Woke my lovable husband......I felt pretty good while doing all this.
After Jim left for work I came back to bed. I am trying to finish a book I started yesterday, really really good book. Well that didn't last to long, couldn't keep my eyes open so I have decided to blog for a minute. Of course I have been typing this for about an hour and this is as far as I have gotten.....I keep nodding off!!!!
My feet are on fire!!!! I hate going up and down our stairs. I am starting to be like my mom, I don't use the stairs unless I have to. (oops fell asleep again) My ankles are getting so painful....swollen too!!!
My hips today are really hurting too.....my fingers look like sausages and my knuckles, ouch!!!
I write this blog as a record for me....I want people to know what my life is like living with Fibro. How it affects everything I do, how much my life has changed, what I am thinking...
Fibro pain affects my life in so many ways, I don't want to upset my husband with what I am going to say but it is part of my life. I hurt so bad the other day I couldn't make love with my husband. I am sure some of you will say to much info, but I want everyone to know how bad it gets. Also it not only affects me!!! Jim is so awesome!!!
I was at Michael's the other day and saw that they were hiring and I thought for a few seconds, that would be cool to work there for the holidays, may be 1 or 2 days a week. Then I started to think, they would not want me to sit when I got tired, fall asleep while talking to someone, squat to stock and not be able to get up, not be able to climb a ladder, mess up counting money back because my memory sucks. So I thought against it!!!! Well, I might still try and see what happens. They take applications on line, I might take a look at it.
OK I am going to close my eyes for about 30 minutes. I am going to the pump class at 12:00 and I want my energy

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