Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slept pretty ok last night, I would wake up when I moved because my stomach and arms were hurting. Also I had a cat sleeping between my legs.......
This morning when I got out of bed my feet where not as bad as they have been...yea!!!!
The rest of my body was not wanting to move though. I am so glad I didn't have to jump out of bed right away. My friend called to wake me up for our workout and I couldn't move.
Yesterday I started my 90 day workout and my eating habits will change. I worked my chest and back. Those parts of my body are actually feeling ok today, it is tomorrow when I will find out if I will hurt.

I am really worried about my cat. His sneezing and his snot have gotten really bad. I have got to take him to the vets. When you can here him coming because his breathing is so bad....My dog's leg is still bothering her but she doesn't complain. She will run around and play but she does favor her bad leg. Surgery is going to have to wait for awhile though. My cat really needs the vets though....I wipe his nose, try and clean. I wish I had one of those snot sucker outers to use on him. Of course I would have to get him to hold still long enough to use.

I am actually going to end here and go do some cleaning......My mind is feeling pretty clear today. I am falling eyes keep closing.

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