Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Been a pretty bad day emotionally for me. I have snapped at Jim for no reason, he so didn't deserve it. When he came home from work, I was still in my workout clothes, sleeping in our bed. I never made it today, which is not like me I couldn't really move and evidently we had a short conversation about supper. I don't remember it :( I have also not unpacked our suitcase from this weekend yet.
My feet up to my knees are in so much pain. I really am beginning to not like the stairs in our house. I so want to get some new running/walking shoes. I never knew feet could hurt so mad for such an extended period of time. As in never stops!!!!!!!!!!!! Every kind of pain, burning, aching and stabbing
I just watched a Fibro commercial and the lady was all smiles and working. Talking about how her doctor prescribed her Lyrica and how her life was all better. I WISH IT WAS SO FREAKIN EASY!!!!! If I took just Lyrica I would scream!!
I am going to call and make an appointment with the pain doctor. I can't take my feet anymore!!!
Back to earlier......
I do remember him asking me about supper, I automatically got my hackles up. Feeling like he was questioning me because I hadn't done anything....like I was being lazy. I know that is not what he was doing, that is just not something he would do. I was just feeling pretty crappy as a wife.
Jim was just trying to help. It is not fair to him though to have to come home from work and worry about supper. He was willing to go buy something and we have perfectly good food here. We are trying to cut back on crazy spending and I hated that because of me Jim was wanting to spend money.
We had a ball game tonight, I was really hoping to play. I so enjoy it.......
My wonderful husband has surprised me with a trip to the Dominican Republic. We are going in December.....we are calling this our honeymoon! Our 5 year anniversary is in November! I would do it all over again!!
This has been very choppy but felt like typing!!!

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