Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good timing......

So much for any plans I had made for this past weekend, such a spackling the downstairs bathroom, painting some trim on the outside of the house and working in the yard....:(
Jim started painting the trim above the garage and some of the trim around the windows and around lunch time on Saturday he came in the house to lay down "just for a few minutes" and didn't get up until he went up stairs to crawl into bed. I am not sure what Jim got but whatever it was it got him good this time. Just a couple of weeks ago he was sick with some sort of bug and was down for a couple of days. That was unusual in itself but to get sick twice so soon that is just not Jim!!!!! Especially as sick as he was this time.....I think from Saturday afternoon until early Sunday evening Jim might have spoken 20 words to me...Jim didn't go to work on Monday and for him to do that I KNOW HE FEELS BAD! He never misses work! My hubby is the kind of man that can't shut work off. We are on vacation and he is still working....when he is at home he is still working....today is Tuesday morning and he is still feeling a bit sluggish but he is up and at work and I am praying he is ok!! I am just hoping that whatever he had has run it's course and is long gone!!

The REAL BLESSING in this past weekend.............I felt really good and was able to take care of my hubby..:) And to top it off....Daisy was such a good girl....:)

We had a beautiful snow fall Sunday night.....:) Yea, we are having a winter!!! Of course it was mostly gone by Monday evening and it is going to be in the mid 60's by Friday. But we had winter for a day....:)

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