Friday, February 10, 2012

Boxes and Secret filing places

Boxes and Secret filing places,

                I know I know here he goes again writing about some crazy analogy  that makes no sense,, but ponder it with me and give me a little lee-way and it may all come together in a paragraph or two.

Have you ever seen Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Arc? At the end of the movie they take the arc and put it in a box in a warehouse  with what looks like a million other boxes with what  looks like only one person knows where it was placed, he drives off for it to never be seen again.  I wonder if this is what Fibro does to people it boxes things up and store them some place we just can’t seem to find. We wonder the maze trying to find, our old spunk, the joy in life, the sense of humor we had, our out going social personalities, the energy we had, the enjoyment we had in that one hobby that we can no longer do.  The list goes on and on, and I did say we, as I truly believe I am going through this with Lynn.  We wonder the mazes of the boxes hoping that we can unlock one.  We see a box labeled long rides on the motorcycle, we wiggle and giggle the lock but it wont open and we long for those old days, we move on to the box of playful fun and conversations and it is locked tighter then the other box.  I can go on and on how each of the boxes wont open or will be locked loose enough that we can peer inside and get a small taste of what it was like, you hear a song and it takes back to that place, you smell a smell and you are in the middle of the Caribbean ocean soaking up the sun.   

                But what I am finding is that occasionally a box will be left unlocked for us, may be for a few hours and it may be for a few days, it is on those days that I hold tight for it is for those days that I look forward to.  We don’t know day to day if a box will be unlocked or if we will just be peering into it.  But I do know that I cherish walking hand and hand with you Lynn, looking for the day we meet the guy that holds all the keys and he unlocks those boxes for us forever. And until that day understand I am holding you tight and am happy to be on this journey only because you are with me…………….

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