Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Best part of the day...

O well I didn't take Daisy for a walk yesterday. My friend got stuck at work.......but then again I ask myself why didn't I just take Daisy for a walk by myself? I need someone to motivate me, get me going! Well today if my friend can't walk I will take Daisy for a walk, it won't be as long but it will be a walk though....:)

I did have a bright spot to my day was a brief period in time where I would swear time had gone back 8 years. Jim came home for lunch and before he left to go back to work we had a moment and it reminded me of when I was feeling good!! I laughed and giggled and it was over something silly, Jim was playing with my face making silly noises. Trust me it was a moment and I can't get it out of my just made me smile and laugh and it made Jim smile....I will take it!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is going to be a good day.....I just hope to get past this major hip pain!! It has been waking me up but today is the worst yet. Both hips are a 10 on the pain scale........maybe a massage is calling my name....:)

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