Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mind over matter

I have so much that I want to do and just can't seem get my body to move lately. I am talking about everyday things. I have a box of things that have been sitting at the bottom of my stairs for over a week. I never leave things that long and it is a big box. I have been wanting to get out in my backyard and clean it up. It needs it so bad, maybe today will be the day. I am really hoping that this Saturday can be a yard day with Jim. So much to do and I can't do it alone....

HAHA....I just put Dr. Oz on and he is talking about ENERGY. He says we have an ENERGY CRISIS in funny! He says we can turn our energy level around in 7 days. The author is on for the book, The 7 day Energy Surge....
Well, he didn't tell me anything that was really earth shattering.

I think the tanning bed is calling my name today...:)

I still don't like mornings. Thank goodness for my gizzy, he makes me get up every morning to feed him. So I stagger down stairs, feed him then take my meds. I am saying this because thank goodness this past week my pain has been pretty manageable once I get going in the mornings and has stayed that way through out the day. My energy level has been worse than my pain ....My pain is there of course, that never goes away. It has just been manageable, which doesn't happen that often. I have had a few spikes during the day but overall I will take it. Now if I could just get my energy to match....

Well the count down has started for the Mexico mission trip. Yes, I am going on my first mission trip this June. Jim has been on several....I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Really though I am not nervous because I know that God has everything under control. Everyone going knows about my health and I am taking EVERY procaution and have faith that ALL will be ok that week!! Last year Jim and I talked about going but my health was so bad at the time there was no way I could do it.
Jim and I prayed about it this time and just really feel led to go. It is a small group from our church and I am so excited. It is going to be hard work and not living in luxurious conditions but I just feel it is the right thing to do.
We are having a couple of fund raising events to raise money, 1 of them is a golf tournament and the other is a HUGE yard sale. I am in charge of the yard sale and am excited......(Claire, I will make you proud)


  1. I applaud you for planning to go on a mission trip. Sometimes my FM ups & downs scare me into only trying "safe" things.

  2. Lynn, If I could get there with my yard-sale truck, you'd have plenty of money for your trip. I'd buy everything.
    Would you consider buying me some large pieces of blow mold, if you have any?
    I'd also like some outdoor lamp posts, if you had any of those in your sale.
    If you get any floor tile, let me know. I've got another 'project' going on.
    I'd also love to find some more old crystal chandeliers. I mean the really OLD ones.
    You could store them in your garage until I came for them, couldn't you???
    I just KNOW Jim wouldn't mind even a tensy bit.
    I've got some good news, but I'm too tired to get into it right now.
    Call me, GF!
    You've got my cell number, and it's free!