Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not sure what I want to write about?

I am not really sure what I want to write about today so I think I will just write a bunch of bullet points....because I have a bunch of things going on in my mind and if I start writing about all of them, I will surely lose you.....:)

1. Last week I went to visit my daughter and my parents at the beach. Can we say sleep and no energy? I spent most of my time sleeping and when I wasn't sleeping I was laying around. One day my parents went to WalMart and I thought OOOHHH I will go and get out the house and do some shopping. Ha Ha, that is so not how it went for me. I went into WalMart and actually had to use a buggy to lean on just to stay upright!!!!!! I tried walking around and decided that was taking way to much energy so I actually asked my dad for the car keys and went to the car and laid down. ME, I LAID DOWN IN THE CAR INSTEAD OF SHOPPING!!!!
I had a dentist appointment in Wilmington while I was there and my father and his friend Dutch drove me down and back. I had a root canal done on the Friday I was there and I am still having pain. I am trying to figure out if the pain is from my fibro or from something to do with my root canal. I have alot of pain in my gum line where he might have given me the Novocain shots? I mean my cat head butted me the other day (in a loving way) and hit that spot on my jaw and I about hit the ceiling. Today it is not as bad but it still hurts. Yesterday my top and bottom front teeth just ached and wouldn't stop. Well, I lied, the pain is gone for a little while when my pain meds first kick in. I have more dental work to be done, yippee!!!!

2. I am a big believer that eating healthier does make you feel better whether you have fibro or not. I wrote a couple weeks ago about my mother in law Sue having by pass surgery (doing awesome by the way) well since her surgery my husband has really been trying to eat healthier and I am sooooo proud of him. He has been doing a fantastic job. We are slowly going to the Y together. I mean we go just trying to go together is alot harder. I am bringing this up because I just want him to know how proud I am of him!!! He motivates me to work out and I need that!

3. My stomach has been acting up again. Waking me up about 3 or 4 and making it impossible for me to get a good nights sleep. It is like a burning in my gut that is so intense. Sometimes I just want to get up and walk around. To top it off I have the ever loving pain in my left hip!!

4. I am so very worried about my cat Gizzy!! For the past couple years he has been having breathing problems. What I mean is runny nose, congestion, sneezing, and wheezing. It would always come on after I let him outside for awhile. (he is an indoor cat)the vet has always given him a shot and he has gotten better but this time he has not been outside. It came on all of a sudden and fast. His breathing does not sound very good. I think he is part lap dog.....everywhere I go he is right by my side or laying with me.....I love my cat!!!
Taking him to the vets tomorrow, say a little prayer please!


  1. I hope your cat is okay! :o( Its sad to hear our pets being sick. My snake is sick. He wheezes quite a bit. He has a respiratory infection and we brought him to a vet once several years ago for a shot. It didn't help. With them cold bloods, ya never know if meds will work.

    I hope you are able to sleep better tonight without stomach problems. Do you take anything for them? Feel better and I concur about eating healthier. I just wish my husband would be on the same page with me with that! :o)

    Take care and have a lovely night!
    Tanya B.

  2. Lynn don't worry about being the person you used to be.
    I KNEW the person you used to be, and you're as good as you can be right now!
    The person you used to be was a bit flighty, and you've HAD to settle down a bit. Disease and age does that to us all. You've suffered, but with that, you've grown.
    I believe that people with Fibro are like Bonsai trees. We grow stunted but strongly, and the twists and turns we take have made us beautiful in our own way. We cling to the sides of clifts and rocks, but we become treasures that tall, straight trees cannot duplicate.
    Our insides are shaped differently, and our outsides show that we have grown through struggle and difficulty.
    You can't polish jewels without friction.
    We become the phylosophical people we are because we've had to deal with so many issues. We realize that we have to 'let things go'.
    We've let so many things go. We let go of the shopping, the trips, the events, the careers, the social calendars, the fine threads, the sports, and (yes....the spontaneous, hot sex)
    We all want to be the person we thought we were when we were younger.
    If we were, though, we would not sympathize with the pains others feel. We would be the impatient youth that...well, we were.
    Our pain and sorrow have made us the people we are, and there is a reason we are who and what we are.
    I pray daily for my own strength, and I pray for others who are in a similar situation in this living hell of Fibro. But, these prayers have brought me closer to God. They cause me to spend time with Him. I'm not too sure that I knew the happiness of His presence when I was younger as I do now.
    Prayer and meditation is a reflective joy now, not the hurried grace at mealtime or in the evening, as when I was younger and busier.
    When you were younger and more active, you and Jim would have not founded a church, prayed for the burdens of others, or helped souls find the plan of salvation.
    When you feel like mud, you're often the clay with which God works. Remember, it was spit and dirt that made the blind man see.
    I'm sorry for your pain, and I wish I could be there to rub your feet and talk you through some of these flares.
    I think you are about living from flare to flare. I know it must be so hard for you, too.
    I'll pray for you and Jim, but that's about all I can do from this distance.
    If you need to talk, call me on my cell.
    'Pile up' on your sofa and look out your back window. Look at those bird houses, and remember that someone loves you, even when they're not with you.
    Call Jim at work and tell him you love him. You'd be surprised how much better it makes you feel to tell someone else that you love them. It just made me feel better.