Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Short Post

This is going to be a short post at least I am going to try to make it a short - quick post. Yesterday I spent 45 minutes on a post, had it all typed and was adding pictures for Valentines day and all of a sudden my aol service went down and POOF it was all gone!!!! So here goes the cut down version.....

My tooth/mouth is better still have alot of work to be done but at least I am not in pain. I found out that I do clench my teeth and pretty badly too. The pain last week was because when the root canal was done and they put the temp crown on they made it way to big/higher then the teeth around it. So when I clenched my teeth it was making everything really out of whack. So she ground the temp cover down to match the rest of my teeth and all is better now. I am going to ask about a mouth guard. I never paid attention to clenching my teeth but wow, I really do it!!!!

This past weekend was a really really good weekend for me!! I mean Saturday I think my pain was about a 3 and that is almost unheard of for me. The weather was beautiful...I always find that amazing how when it is sunny and warm my body feels better. See, this is why Jim and I need to move to the caribbean!!!!

Come on spring time, I am ready for you to get here!

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  1. Lynn, we clinch our teeth because that's how we keep from screaming with all our pain.
    We ALL do this. It's a way of dealing with all the pain we have ALL the time.
    You can get a cheap mouth guard on e-bay or at a drug store.
    My dentist says they work just as well as an expensive one that he could make for me.
    I've also had a too-large crown, and it's as painful as hell.
    The sunshine will help, but I can tell you, you'll never again be free from pain. I don't mean to be pessimistic, I'm trying to warn you.
    A three is pretty good, though, and I pray that you'll have more days like that.
    Try to enjoy the sun all you can. It's one of the greatest drug-free aids we can have. The warmth seems to penetrate the fog of pain in which we all live every day.
    Our pain is hell, and the warm sunshine and light seems to burn off some of the fog.
    You're WAY too precious to be lost in the fog, and ANYTHING that helps is worth utilizing.
    If you can find relief from even a small part of your pain, whatever it takes is worth it.
    Prayer has really been a help to me, and I know you spend a lot of time in prayer. I hope it gives you some relief, and that it helps you to deal with the pain that you still (and will always) have.
    It makes my throat get tight when I read of all you have to endure. I feel for you, and my mouth hurts in sympathy pains for you with all your dental pain. I can't know all the pain you feel, but I've been through a lot of the same types of physical and emotional pain that you describe.
    God hasn't forsaken you. He might be testing you. I don't know the mind of God, and I wonder why He feels the need to test certain women like us. All I know is that He has a plan, and He's working it out through us.
    He can do great things with clay.
    Let God mold you into an even greater lady than you've already been. And, Girlfriend, you've been really fabulous!
    I've seen you grow in phenominal ways.
    I've seen you cry, I've seen you laugh, I've listened when you've talked so fast that hardly anyone could understand you, I've comforted you when you've cried, I've seen you go after a grown man with a knife (WHEW!), I've seen you get married (twice!), I've seen you raise a beautiful daughter, I've seen you worry over the illness of your mother, and I've seen you when you've had tender moments with a pet.
    I know you pretty well, and I know about all the tough stuff you're made of. You can get through this terrible illness, too. You're stronger than anything Fibro can throw at you.
    Dig in, clinch your teeth (not too hard), hold on, and tell the demons of Fibro that you're after them, and you're bringing HELL with you.
    Defeating Fibro is sometimes as simple as taking good care of yourself.
    Give yourself and your lovely body time to heal. Give your mind pleasant and restful thoughts. Give your stomach the things it needs to handle proper digestion. Stay away from toxic people. Get closer to God. Stay in the light and warmth that God sends with the sunshine. And give Fibro the finger!