Monday, January 31, 2011


I have to start with something that I think is funny first and something that is sad...(wow, this is taking all my energy to type)First the sad news. Last Christmas I helped my dad adopt a cat (about a yr old) which he was giving to my mom for a Christmas present and her name was Lizzy. Well this past Friday I got a call that Lizzy had been diagnosed with leukemia. Just all of a sudden the past couple days she had been throwing up and not acting right..:( Lizzy was in alot of pain and now she is playing in heaven. I am telling in hopes that if anyone that reads this, please be informed when it comes to feline leukemia, it can be prevented!

Now the funny, well kinda! My cat has gotten into the habit of waking me up to feed him if I don't get up on my own when Jim leaves for work. What I mean is, Gizzy (not Lizzy like my moms cat) will come to me and sit by my head and start pawing me on my head. I think he learned this from watching our dog. Our boxer used to do this every morning when she wanted to be let out and I was sleeping.
I try to get up when Jim leaves, stumble downstairs and take my meds and feed my cat. Then I usually come back to bed until they kick in.

This morning Gizzy tried his best to wake me and bless his heart it just wasn't working. I woke sometime about 4ish I think and the rest is history. I mean he tried pawing me on my side and that hurt! I mean just the pressure from my cats paw hurt, how crazy is that? I actually rolled over so he couldn't keep doing it...I barely remember Jim leaving and I always love to kiss him goodbye every morning.

I really feel like crap today!! I don't know if it is because it was a stressful/sad weekend because of Lizzy? I did do alot of crying.. I didn't do to much so I am confused??? Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL weather wise and today is cloudy??? I even layed down a couple times during the day yesterday. I did do some cleaning but nothing that was way out there??? I did do 30 minutes on the elliptical on Saturday and it was the good sweaty was great because Jim and I went to the Y together..:)
We have started making some healthier life changes. I am so proud of Jim! I know some of the changes are not easy but he is not giving up. I love it that we are doing it together, I love the closeness!!

I really hope that this flare doesn't last long, I have a plans this week and I really don't want to miss out on them....I GET TO SEE MY DAUGHTER and my PARENTS and that makes me happy. I am going to be getting a root canal on Friday and might be getting 2 root canals in 1 day, wahoo! That is just the beginning of all the dental work I need to have done. I am defiantly calling to get Jim a teeth cleaning app...I don't know if it's the fibro or what but my teeth have never been this bad. I do know that having a very dry mouth from one of my meds hasn't helped according to the dentist.

I really hope this trend of me waking up to bad mornings ends today! I mean my mornings are never good but the past couple of mornings, on a scale of 1 -10 they have been about a 10+. I lose so many hours of my day just trying to get started and I honestly can't stand that!!!!!!! Like I am laying here typing this and my body is just one dead weight and the thought of getting up and having to move is UGH!!!!!

So I am going to end this now and work on motivating myself to get up...:)

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  1. Lynn, you scare me. I've climbed and descended your stairs, and I want to advise you to not do that until you've had your pain meds and they've 'kicked in'.
    What would happen if you fell?
    Please be more careful.
    About your teeth: I have some of the same problems, and, believe me, I KNOW some of those problems are from THE DEVIL, otherwise known as Fibro.
    When we hurt so long and so badly, we grind our teeth. This causes all kinds of problems with our teeth, our gums, and the muscles in our face and neck. I believe that it will even reach down into our shoulder muscles and make them tighten, just from the pressure in our jaws. Your teeth problems are most certainly almost exclusively from the problems associated from Fibro.
    I just had a scathingly brilliant idea.
    Why don't we all get bumper stickers that say, "Fibro HURTS"?
    It would cause awareness, and also inform other drivers that Road Rage might be imminent.
    Fibro reaches into every facet of our lives and causes trouble everywhere it is.
    I can tell that it's even hurting Jim.
    He's so long-suffering and good.
    I truely admire him, and I'm glad for you that you have such a great man.
    I'd like to hear from you more about these life-style changes you're both making.
    I'll cheer you on in the struggle.
    Post more often, if you can. We want to be included, and up-dates keep us informed and happy with your progress.