Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bound to happen

Well it was bound to happen and I am so thankful that my body held on as long as it did....I am talking about a flare. Right now it is not full blown but it is there on the I am in bed just laying here. My body won't let me do much of anything else
I I am hoping that if I lay here for a couple hours and not fight it my body will be happy with me and then I can get up around 11:00, take a shower and go with Jim at lunch to see Sue in the hospital.
I am so happy, words cannot express how happy I am! I didn't doubt for 1 second that Sue would come through her heart surgery with flying colors!! Not 1 second, I knew that GOD was in total control, I had / have a complete peace about the whole thing!!! I truly believe that Sue is going to feel 1000% better than she did before!!
It has been a REAL eye opener for the whole family and some good changes are going to be made...some LIFE CHANGES!! Not like new years resolutions, you start them with good intentions then a couple weeks you quit. It is not all changes, some things are just going to be brought back into our lives that we kinda got out of the habit of doing. (having fibro has a nasty way of doing that.....)

1. I used to not cook with salt at all, I would use other spices. Since Jim LOVES salt I started using salt....WELL BACK TO WAY LESS SALT OR NO SALT WHEN COOKING :)
I am not saying Jim is going to go salt less, I am not crazy but hopefully cut way back!!!

2. Not buying soda for the house anymore! I had stopped buying them and then for some reason I bought them...:( I will keep some 7-up or sierra mist for amaretto but that is about all. Sue has not had a soda since the first of September last year..:) I try to drink nothing but water. I carry water with me at ALL times but if soda is in the house I will take a few sips if I am eating certain foods. BAM!!!!! My stomach instantly will pay the why do I do it?? Just like I CANNOT drink orange juice...:( for about a month every morning around 5ish my stomach would wake me up in pain...the only thing I can think of is...I was drinking OJ!!! AND I SAID BEFORE I WOULD NEVER DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING TO DO WITH ORANGES BECAUSE I WENT THRU THIS BEFORE!!!! I don't know if this is the cause but you don't have to hit me upside the head with a baseball bat for me to get the message!!! So, NO OJ (i'm sorry i asked you to buy the oj the other day jim, i'll take it to jjj..:) hahaha) So, if my stomach gets this way again I will know it's not orange juice.. A month...I can't believe I kept drinking it, I mean it was only a small glass in the morning...

3. WALKING....Jim and I used to walk in the evenings and I loved it!! I know he did it more for me but it is good for both of us. We don't have to have a dog to go walking....It is AWESOME for stress and BOY do we have that in our life!!! With my fibro it is not as easy to just get up and go so we have to grab the moment when we can but we are going to grab the moment!! IT IS WONDERFUL FOR STRESS.....NOT TO MENTION MY BUTT AND THIGHS...:)

4. Fibro sucks and it robs you of your health but what people don't realize is that it also robs you of your health in other ways....what I mean is, you don't have the energy and are in pain, you don't want to do things, you gain weight and you have a tendency to lay around so your body gets where all you want to do is lay around...then your spouse lays around with you because they stop doing things because after MANY years of trying to get you to do things they just give up and join you on the couch...then you BOTH become couch potatoes and gain weight and become even unhealthier....does all that make sense?????? WELL THAT TRAIN STOPS NOW!!!! I had been going to the Y and doing very well up until the first of November and just because it's winter I am not going to let my 30 pound weight loss be in vain!!!

I know that everyone has different opinions when it comes to fibro. What works for one person might not work for the next person and that is sooo frustrating! One thing I have found that does help me is to go to the Y...even if it is just to ride the bike for 30 minutes. Any form of exercise that I can do makes me feel so much better. I am a short person, 5'2 (barely) and last year this time I weighed more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter 19 years ago!!! I am going to find my fat picture that was taken last year that was my AH HA moment that also thru me into a kinda depression and when I do, I will add to this post.
Me having fibro has completely devastated me and this year I am "choosing" (thanks Pam)to do what I can to make me feel better. I know that my fibro will never go away so I have to do what I can....when I can!
I cannot wait for Jim to go with me or do things with me...I would LOVE to do things together! That makes me happy, I want to be the couple that rides bikes together, goes on walks together, gets healthy together....



  1. Good for you! I try to go to the gym and sometimes, well,most times, I have to take a pain pill before I start walking. I keep it up though, because I know it's good for me. Good that you guys get to do it together!!

  2. Yes, Lynn, it was bound to happen. It always does. We victims of The DEMON, Fibro, always have flares. We flare because we care.
    It was good news to know that your mother-in-law did well in her surgery. It's amazing what medicine and surgery can do for the human condition, and yet they can't help us!
    I don't really care who walks on the moon or writes the next best novel or wins the Nobel Peace Prize. I want some of those gazillion dollars the government is spending on a cure for AIDS to be spent helping the helpless victims of Fibro. We can't prevent our disease...the victims of AIDS can!
    I'm not too much into exercise, as I get lots on the farm here, but if it helps you, go for it.
    I'd much rather you get some graph paper and plot your new garden spot in your back yard.
    I'd like to see your new plans and how you hope to improve the already beautiful work you've done. Talk to your neighbor in the rear and see when he's planning to hire that dozer to do the property line. Ask if you and Jim can get your work done at the same time, and pay for the additional hours. It will cost you lots less, and you will be able to get the dozer into your back yard without tearing up your front yard.
    Did Jim get the Red Maple set back upright? If he hasn't already, the roots may have frozen. We've had really bad winter weather here. The schools have been out all week, and they will likely be out the rest of the week.
    Choring for me is a lot of work.
    Steve shoveled me a walkway out to the Hut, but it's been covered over for two days now.
    I don't shovel snow unless it's critical.
    I figure God knows when He's had enough complaining about it.
    I haven't been off the farm in 5 days. That is like a record for me. I don't know how the Goodwill is staying in business.
    Joan told me this morning that they're closing the Family Dollar at 7:00 each evening, to let their employees get home before it gets too slick. She and her husband have 4-wheel drive, and they're going to get her employees. One lady, Elaine, offered to walk to work, but it's about 5 miles for her.
    I told Joan to tell her she's crazy.
    That cheap junk that's made in China is not worth all that work. She really needs a paycheck.
    Visit Sue, and give her our kindest regards. Tell her we're praying for a complete recovery.
    Then get back into your own bed and get YOUR rest! You're sick, too. They just can't find your disease on an MRI or CAT scan.
    Physician....heal thyself.

  3. You go glad all is going well with Sue. It has been a wake up call for me as well. Family history plays into that!!!!!
    Talk to you soon!!!!!

  4. First, many people with AIDS did nothing to get it: they were born with it and cannot prevent it. Persons with AIDS do suffer terribly, too. Most people with pain conditions can do nothing to prevent them either.

    Second, Lynn, I am sad to read your saying that you know that you'll have to suffer the rest of your life with this. Please do not give up hope. Hope for a cure and/or more effective treatments.

    There is always reason for hope.