Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life changes........

With Jims mom (Sue) being in the hospital waiting to have her surgery on Monday, Jim and I have had time to take a loonnnngggg look at our life style and where we NEED to make changes. No one is invincible!!!
I need to warn you about this post, it might be long, it might go all over the place, it might seem choppy, and at times it might even seem like I am on my soap box.
But then again this is MY blog and I can say what I want and this is what I AM thinking and feeling.....
I am madly in love with my husband and want to be with him for many many years to come.......if getting my husband to cut back on his salt/way back, change some eating habits and getting us back into a workout routine is going to help do that then that is what we will do!

I am going to back up here a bit......this past Sunday 1/2/2011 Jim and I got a call that Sue was at an urgent care and we needed to come get her and take her to the hospital right away she wouldn't go by ambulance and it was a pretty serious matter. We of course stopped what we were doing right away and left. Long story short, cut to today 1/8/2011 Sue is going to be having open heart surgery in the morning to fix her beautiful heart!!!! Last Sunday they had to put in 3 emergency stints and they want those out. (When they put in stints, they don't like to put in more than 1)

OK so today is 1/10/2011 and Sue is having her open heart surgery as we speak. I know that she is going to be 100% fine and cannot wait to be going to the Y with her in a couple months...:)
We got to the hospital about 5:30 this morning and as of 8:36 they had started the procedure.....
We know that my health sucks due to the fibro but how is my heart? (my mom has problems) How is my cholesterol? My blood pressure is great!!!
I have lost about 30 pounds since last April/May and it was badly needed. I am a very short person and trust me being overweight and having fibro does not help!! On a side note, I have my monthly appointment with my pain doctor next week and I am going to be talking to him about my hips. My left hip has gotten so bad that most mornings it is at least a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale. It doesn't hurt when I walk or anything...
How is Jim's heart? I know his cholesterol is a little high. He is doing FANTASTIC on quiting his skoal!!! I am sooooo proud of him!! I know how hard it is for him to quit. I found out the other day that he has been doing some skoal and to be honest my heart actually ached when I found out! I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed! Jim has tried to quit several times and I had/have such high hopes that he can do it, so when I found out that he had been doing skoal again I thought here we go again..... When I met Jim he was doing skoal but thru the years he has started doing it more and more. Also I love to kiss him and I don't want anything to happen to him! I worry about the side effects....
Jims blood pressure is high and he is on blood pressure medicine. He is getting much better about taking his pills, well it is my nagging that helps...:)

Jim and I used to exercise together all the time and that is possibly the one thing I miss the most!!! When Jim and I decided to run/walk a half marathon years ago it seems, it was the training that I loved the most! We spent time together talking almost every was wonderful. On the weekends we would get up and go early but the point is we were doing it together and we were talking.....something we don't seem to do alot of some days! As for the half marathon in case anyone is wondering, we did it!!!! I can't remember what place we finished but we finished it!! Jim had a battle wound on his foot (blister) it was pretty bad and most people would have quit but not but my baby...he suffered thru for me! Trust me it was a really nasty blister too...:( I was sooo proud of him....:)
Training for that half marathon was one of my favorite times....

My fibromyalgia has not only ruined my health but has also effected Jims health.....
By me becoming less active so has Jim...This past year was a very very stressful year for us with alot of financial stuff and personal stuff! That alone caused us both to become couch potato's....
Our yard went down hill really fast! I missed doing our yard work every weekend..I love getting out there early on Saturday morning and working all day and having a beer when we were done. Talk about a great workout but I felt sooooo good and again Jim and I would talk and I "think" he enjoyed the time together as well. I tried doing what I could do myself but I was fighting an uphill battle and I lost!!
The garden at the top of the hill didn't stand a chance...I have told Jim that this spring if he wants anything planted, HE IS GOING TO HAVE TO HELP ME keep it watered and weeded. I would like to plant alot more than we have in the past, make it a full garden. I need his help though....I CANNOT do it by myself and I don't want to pay someone to do what we are capable of doing!!!!
I miss being active together...


I hate that me having fibro has had such a trickle down effect on Jims health and in even more ways on mine.....stress has caused us to become more seditary....THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE AND IS CHANGING!!!
Jim says that he wants to loose 15 or so pounds, he can DO IT!!!! I BELIEVE he can do anything he wants to...he just REALLY has to want to!! I will support him and encourage him, I just don't want him getting mad at me.

I am writing all this because with everything we have gone thru this past week with Jim's mom, it is a reminder that we need to get healthy! We cannot take our bodies for granted!! We make jokes and laugh about things, WE CANNOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED...WE CANNOT START TOMORROW.....WE CANNOT HAVE "JUST" ONE MORE.....

I LOVE YOU JIM AND I WANT OUR LIVES TOGETHER TO BE LONG AND is up to us to make the right choices and stick to them...I am not saying we have to go all health guru and stuff just make better choices and stick to them....

My fibro (yes, it is mine ) has already done enough damage to our lives, it is time we take back what we can!!!


  1. Lynn I don't know how Jim thought he could keep secrets from you. I ALWAYS catch your brother, and there's always trouble when I do.
    I hope that you and Jim will stick to your regimine of work-out and diet modification.
    I think Gizzy could stand to lose a few pounds, too.
    Your yard is so beautiful, I don't know what else you could do to make it more lovely.
    Perhaps a statue of me? LOL!
    Get those bikes down off the garage ceiling and back on the road, girlfriend.
    We love Jim, too, and we don't want him to suffer the effects of poor health.
    His mother's unfortunate health problems should be a wake-up call for him.
    Believe me, if I can reduce my cholesterol from over 4,000 (yes, that's four THOUSAND), Jim can get his down from 'a little high'.
    Christmas is over. It's now time to begin the rush to spring break, and no one wants to see fat people in summer clothes.
    We're snowed in here, and it's bitter cold.
    The work on the Hut is going really slowly as a result.
    I look forward to seeing your lovely yard again, when it's not covered up with snow.

  2. Love the go girl!!!!!!!! Had a dream about a race this morning. We will have to talk!!!!!!!