Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ok so I have not been blogging like I was, sorry just a lot going on and also some days it is the same ol same ol. I mean how I am feeling. My hips are getting worse, they are hurting more and more everyday, especially my left hip. When I win the lottery, I am going to pay someone to give me a massage every morning. I so need one!!! I want my legs to be rubbed for at least 30 minutes......it hurts so bad but feels so good too.

I am really bummed, my sister in law has the swine flu and will not be coming for Thanksgiving. I pray she gets well quick!!! Love ya, Kris!!!

This past weekend I stayed pretty busy and did ok with it. There were moments I would have begged for a nap and some pain medicine. I am pretty proud of myself for going, going and going. I am trying so hard to put mind over pain.

My daughter is here until Saturday...yea!!

Not much to say right now, can't stay awake.