Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 11

Didn't blog yesterday....it was a kinda up and down day with my emotions!!!

Yesterday was a cry and not cry day......
Jim and I have some decisions to make that have been weighing heavy on us. Fibromyalgia can really screw with your life!!! I am dealing with a lot of guilt over this....my husband is such an awesome man and I honestly have wondered if he would be better off without me some days. What I mean by that is.....how would his life be if he had never met me???? As I have told him though, he is stuck with me now because I am not going anywhere!!! I cannot believe we have almost been married 5 years!!! November 20th 2004 is one of the happiest days of my life!!!! I love you baby!!!!

My fatigue is getting to be almost unbearable for me. The thought of laying around is almost killing me. I know I am being such a drama queen but I wanna be!!! I am a person who used to be non stop and now I just lay around all day!!! I hate it!!! You say, just get your a__s up! Well you know what......it is not that freakin easy!! If I could I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bottom 1/2 of my body is almost as wide as I am tall!!!

So for some positiveness.......We went bowling last night and had so much fun! I had the perfect ball...I had to go down in ball weight though. I bowled a 141 and a 142. Considering I have not bowled in a couple months, I was so happy! It was fun watching Kyle and his dad have a little friendly competition too. In the last game, Jim got 4 strikes right in a row to get a 177 and Kyle comes back and beats his dad with a 179. Sue and Mike just had fun :) We decided last night to not wait another month to bowl again. I cannot wait.....I can't bowl 4 games like I used to and don't have the ooommmppphhhh behind the throw like I used to have but I had a blast!!! I loved being active!!!

Today I am going to Michelle's to do some beading and I am going to clean up some leaves in the yard....hopefully! I am feeling pretty good today and want to take advantage of it.
We also are having a guest for supper tonight...a young man from our church. I am cooking spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. Great guy to talk to.

Well gotta get up and get going........I want to enjoy my day!!!!!

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  1. still keep asmile on your face,there a lot would like to but are not here any more you a good life enjoy it people due love you