Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 13 - sorta

Day 13 - please say a prayer for me that I wake up in the morning and my sore throat is gone, and my sinuses are done draining. I feel a cold coming on but is kinda hard to tell if it is my fibro
or cold.....I so don't think I can handle it.

Had a bead party tonight...was ok. Any time we can get our name out there it is a good thing!!!
The Great Jewelry Heist.....Create It, Make It, Wear It

Can anyone say shingles?????

Going to bed.......really feel like crap!!!!


  1. shingles go on the roof. ww

  2. I have read the article based on the invisible disease, a Fibromyalgia.This disease is dreadful in which there is no sound sleep and lack of goodness.I feel for the condition of you and your experiences with the dreadful diseases.I want to know suggestion from others.