Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 14

Day 14..

It is hard to be positive when you feel like crap!! It is 2:40 pm and I have only gotten off my bed 2 times since I woke up. One time to put supper in the crock pot (pinto beans and pork chops) thank goodness for the crock pot, I want Jim to be able to have a home cooked supper.....I hate when I can't cook for him. I am not the best cook but I am getting better.
The 2nd time was for a potty break and to get a drink. Man, I really really wish I had some oranges...big juicy ones. I am drinking oj but it is so not the same :(

I feel like I am getting a cold and pms at the same time. Double whammy!! O'yea my shingles are acting up and that is another pain I don't need! My body feels like it weighs a ton.(no wise cracks needed) My stomach is in soooooo much pain from gas that is just sitting there. (can't believe i just admitted that) does anyone have any secret remedies???

I am going to take a hot bath and be looking my best when my hubby gets home. He shouldn't have to see his wife looking all down and out....I am making no promises though....

Today is Veterans Day.....I am one of those people that cry when I hear the National Anthem, place my hand over my heart, truly respect all those that have served our country! I grew up being an Air Force brat, both of my brothers served in the Air Force, my husband served in the Marines! I am so proud of all of them!! Jim went to a Veterans Day Celebration at Caldwell this morning...I hope he enjoyed himself.

There is nothing better than a soft furry kitty cat (Gizzy) curled up next to you. Especially when he is letting you rub and pet him like crazy. Maggie is sleeping so no jealousy right now. I love it when he climbs on my chest and lets me massage him and he sticks his head up under my neck. That is my positive thought for the day, well not really because I am also positive about my military men!!!

How many woman know that their man wakes up every morning thinking about what they can do to make you happy? I do!!!! I have been so blessed in many ways in my life and I love my husband!
What can I do to make my wife's world brighter?
One if the biggest reasons I hate having fibro is that I cannot do all for my husband that I want. He always puts me first and alot of the time this stupid disease stops me!! I am trying to plan my time better so that I can do for him. Just like using the crock pot to cook him supper. I know he likes a nice meal when he gets home from work. He works so hard......

It is now 3:17 and I am starving so I am going to move and get something to munch on. Hey a protein bar sounds good, lemon, yummy!!!
Then I am going to take a nice shower instead of a bath. It will be quicker...:)


  1. just say i am to young to lay here other people are trying hard to feel better so can i ww

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  3. You're half way there and doing great. What a wonderful idea and a inspiration to others!