Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 10

Had a great time at church this morning, felt really good and actually kinda pretty. Of course, then I looked in the mirror and saw how big I am. O'well, one day at a time huh?

My positive thing for today is I REALLY LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! (and he knows it too) Jim has really been craving Indian food and has been asking me to go eat it with him (gag me) and I have been putting him off. Well today we went and had Indian food after church. I ate very little....I really tried!!! Important thing is that Jim got his Indian food. I love making him happy. When I do something little for him and it makes him heart just swells!!!

My fatigue is getting so much worse. I am getting very little done some days and it is so depressing. I lay there wanting to move, thinking of what all I need to get done. I so miss the old me, running around, staying busy!!!! My pain has been somewhat tolerable these past days....I just wish I could move. It is so hard to explain.....I love you Jim!!! Thank you for being you. I am so blessed to have you for my husband!!! You try so hard to understand.........

I am going to continue making my daily to do list and getting done what I can!!!


  1. keep up with the good work if i lose you can go gamecocks dad

  2. Now you hush your mouth, you are not big in any sense of the word. You're beautiful and you should feel that way, because you ARE!! I'm glad you're doing pretty good, and I'm praying for you!