Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 12?????

Ok so technically it is not day 12 but it is the 12th day of me writing since I said I was going to do 28 days of writing something positive, man it is hard some days.

I am just going to recap how the past couple of days have been and what I have been doing. It is going to be in no certain order...

I went bowling with Jim, Kyle, Sue and Mike. Had a BLAST!! I actually bowled in the 140's. I had to go down in the weight of my ball, could only bowl 2 games....hurt like a son of a gun a couple hours later and I can't wait to do it again!!!! I grew up is sooo much fun!!!

I had a kinda scary morning. I woke up and just couldn't get going. I know that is how most of my mornings go but this 1 was weird. I couldn't keep my head up, couldn't stay awake, felt light headed, kinda nausea's and my body just didn't want to work. I called Jim because it scared me that much. Finally about 2:00ish, I started to feel better. I really didn't like that feeling!!!

My tiredness had been off the charts this past week and my pain has not been below a 6. I had days were it would be in the 100's.....but I just try to keep on trudging along!! This past Thursday I thought I would play volleyball with the team. This was only my 2nd time ever playing. I really wasn't feeling up to it but if I didn't play then our team might have had to forfeit. Let's put it this way, I hurt so bad that I felt sick to my stomach. I am by far not that good but I really wanted to try. I get soooo tired of laying around, I wanted to use my body. My hips and knees have gotten so bad!!! Anyway back to volleyball, at the end of the 2nd game, I fell on my knees! That was it for me!! I left the court trying not to throw up and cry at the same time!! I sat out the last game. We only have 1 game left, not sure what I am going to do yet?????

Our yard has been so messy with leaves....In the past I could have gone out and taken care of everything. HaHa, it took me all week to rake the front yard and bag 3 bags. Thank you soooo much to Kyle for helping me out!! Love ya for it...:) I mean it actually took me 5 days to just rake what I could have done in 1 day before! So sad for me.
A huge shout out to my hubby for all the work he did on Saturday, Our yard now looks really good! Of course there are leaves everywhere again!!

My dog loves playing in the leaves except for the fact that she has hurt her leg again.........I don't know what we will do because we can't afford the surgery!!!! Our pathfinder needs some major work, the transmission is going and Nissan is not doing a recall even though they have had several other complaints. I don't know what we are going to do???????? Make payments on a car you can't drive??????

Still struggling with my weight!!! I am not going to give up. I know I can loose it.......

Have a pretty good week ahead of me....Michelle and I have a bead party Tuesday night, let's hope it is a good one.

I am going to the Y this week and am going to ride the bike. I would like to even swim some laps in the pool!!! Please say a prayer for me that I can do this....I feel so much better when I get to be active!! It is just getting me to do it, I mean having the energy............please say a prayer for me that I loose this weight. I know it is not helping my health!!!! I have cut my Lyrica down to 1 a day and am trying to cut out just have to find something to switch it with. Everywhere I read or everyone I talk to says that the Lyrica caused them to gain weight. I know, me not being very active and I could cut back on some eating to help with my weight but the Lyrica is not helping!!!!!!

Ok I am going to be blogging this week. I wanted to last week but I just didn't have the energy.......

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